To Be Continued (Original Mix)

Annihilation (feat. helenakandy)

Here is my newest track with helenakandy called "To Be Continued" which has a great Future Bounce style and much power. Have fun listening :D /////////////


DXO11 months ago

Very nice track man! you have got my vote, can you please vote back for my latest Trap song called Tanto tiempo? thank you and good luck! :)

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Lifeless Humans
Lifeless Humans11 months ago

I loved the vocals and punch. Those kicks are compressed good.

Score: 1
R3LIC11 months ago

well mixed and mastered track! I love the melody and the pitch bends down on the lead. I voted and followed! If you have a second to vote back in return it would help a ton! If not that's totally fine too. Happy new year and best of luck in the talent pool!

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X1511 months ago

You are searching for some fresh vibes ?
My new track "Awake" is out now !!

Enjoy and vote for it


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afrowell11 months ago

voted and supported ...amazing

Score: 1
TeenageBuddha11 months ago

Amazing song! VOTED Can you please return the favor and vote on my track "Deal With That"

Score: 1
Rutvik rao
Rutvik rao11 months ago

Love it

Score: 1
Jake Lundell
Jake Lundell11 months ago

Voted back, great mix. Good energy, hits you hard i like it.

Good luck in the contest, and happy new years.

Score: 1
DCRPD11 months ago

Voted. Thanks for the support and comment on my latest "Got You, Don't Worry" kind regards Happy New Year's!!!!

Score: 1
Vale End
Vale End11 months ago

I was wondering if you could take a listen me and if possible let me know if it is of your liking, and I appreciate you time!!!!!!

Score: 1
DJ Gaspard Olivier
DJ Gaspard Olivier11 months ago

wow amazing track you gote my vote & i follow you
happy new year

Score: 1
Annihilation11 months ago

Thank you bro :D I wish you also a happy new year!

Score: 0
STUCCATO11 months ago

I like it!!! Im voting for!!!

Score: 1
Thunder1forlife11 months ago

Dude this is so cool VOTED for sure dude keep it up :D

Score: 1
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NWKD11 months ago

Voted back dude! thanks for your support!

Score: 1
delarosa11 months ago

Nice! Voted. Thanks for supporting my latest track.

Score: 1
ElectroShockMedina11 months ago

This is dope!! You Got My Support!

Would definitely like to work with you

Score: 1
Mytuio11 months ago

i like it!!!

Score: 1
Kraet11 months ago

I just can relate to the comment before mine!

Nice vocals and storytelling in the whole song!


Score: 1
Dupree11 months ago

fcking awesome. so professional, very emotional, great vocals, great sound. VOTED!

Score: 1
Ohmast11 months ago

Love it !! voted sure, big love from Paris !

Score: 1