p i x e l

track 10 ! two more to go, kinda rough mix, have been traveling for vacation, but happy with how it turned out ! Taurus next !


Dave Baker
Dave Baker10 months ago

cool track! I like!
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good luck!11

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LLISO10 months ago

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MAHDI10 months ago

Very good and Voted + Supported
Keep it up
Give the Voted Back

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H.A.R.D.I.E.10 months ago

Hey brother good job you have a lot of talent I love your track I wish you much success,
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Fullpoy10 months ago

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TeenageBuddha10 months ago

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PXZEL10 months ago

This is the third time you’ve commented this on this exact track, stop spamming dude

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Loki.10 months ago

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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin10 months ago

Awesome work! Voted. Feel free to check my newest song „A Midsummer Night’s Dream“ and give some feedback. I would love to get a vote by you as well! Best wishes from Germany! If you want to follow me here and/or on Soundcloud, YouTube & Spotify, I follow back ! If you like this song: Add it to your playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and so on.

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DJ DEN10 months ago

Hey P I X E L,

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teodulo10 months ago

Very good track Bro
LOVE the sounds
Voted for sure
Please checkout my latest track and tell me what do you think

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Milco B
Milco B10 months ago

great track my dude! Super mellow vibes :)

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Hooked on cronic
Hooked on cronic10 months ago

great track !!! awesome job voted !

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STUCCATO10 months ago

Nice track i like it. Voted!

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Vale End
Vale End10 months ago

-- Hey Man! "Face" is available in TOP 100--

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker10 months ago

cool track! I like!
I vote!
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good luck!!

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eicos&Diver10 months ago

Hello Pixel,
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Lello_Oliver10 months ago

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Lotto music
Lotto music10 months ago

voted! C:

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Ninja Party
Ninja Party10 months ago

voted back! :P

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FLR10 months ago

nice track voted :)

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