p i x e l

track 10 ! two more to go, kinda rough mix, have been traveling for vacation, but happy with how it turned out ! Taurus next !


Zagreus Reborn
Zagreus Reborn10 months ago

Hey Pixel, good to see you are going strong! Interesting melodies on this, I can tell you are getting better with every track! Almost the entire zodiac done, keep it up! Voted!
I am fighting for a good cause, I need your support!
Any feedback on my soundcloud is greatly appreciated!

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Dawid Plimer
Dawid Plimer10 months ago

Really good work, you got my vote and support!

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DJ Themi
DJ Themi10 months ago

Loving it. Voted back!

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David [3D Music]
David [3D Music]10 months ago

wow that's so unique, i liked trumpet in the drop, you got my vote, keep it up!

Please check out my track Dreams and vote back🙏🙏
help me reach the top 100, it would be awesome to be there
good luck and happy new year :)

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Christian Hart
Christian Hart10 months ago

Voted man, I hope you can make it to the top!!!

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Spe5tre10 months ago

love the drop, nice bass.! good mixing overall this track is working for me. voted, Also check out my remix of Alan Walker's sing me to sleep. Thanks<3!

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MD3SIGN10 months ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "4EVER4U"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi10 months ago

I vote for you. Please vote for my new track "Waiting For Spring". Thank you!

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Juan Esteban Duk3
Juan Esteban Duk310 months ago

Hi PIXEL! I love this track, what else can I say, it's always good to listen to different musical proposals, you're super talented and that's just great. I've been here a long time and I know how Spinnin works, believe me, it's not enough to have a good track here, you can have the next world Spinnin hit but that's not enough, it's not enough. Fortunately or unfortunately we need someone else to vote for our track, so in the end it all comes down to helping others to help you, it is easier to reach our goals if we help each other.
So nothing, here I leave my vote and also now I follow you, if you have a few minutes enter my track (Shamanic) and leave me your Vote, only if you think you deserve it :)
A hug and good luck. Blessings to you.
Esteban Duk3.

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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos10 months ago

another nice one from you , VOTED! Check me out also:) Lets support each other follow for follow on here and soundcloud. Keep up the good work:)

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cjdjofficial10 months ago

PIXEL I love the drop at 1:08! Voted!
This track deserves to get a lot higher on the charts ngl. Anyway, gd luck with the tune.
If you ever want to contact me just msg.

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner10 months ago

Really good work, you got my vote and support!

Check my track ''Wandering'' and vote back if you can :)

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Annihilation10 months ago

Great job bro :D You have a very brilliant and professional sounddesign and mastering. I Like it very much and I hope you get what you earn for the hard work. It would be nice if you can vote back for me new track "To be Continued" with helenakandy :D Wish you luck in the contest!

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B!TER10 months ago

p i x e l, Awesome track!! I really enjoyed listening to this, you definitely got my vote!! If you have a second check out my new track "X Ta C" and let me know what ya think! Feedback is much appreciated, cant wait to see you at the top with me!

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)
Miss Tonica (M.T)10 months ago

Sad theme,but a great track👍Voted,listen to my track"living on my own"and vote if you like it🙏

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VatoPerro1310 months ago

Voted! Please make sure to support my track "We First".....

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LAFAYETTE ✪10 months ago

I like this !
This is pretty cool to be honest !
I like how you put everything together it really creates a nice atmosphere throughout and like every single detail fits everything else in the track !
If you have any question or want some help someday with anything, you can follow me and send me a message on instagram or soundcloud (i use those a lot so i always reply there)
By the way, I would love if you could send me back some support for my latest track "Upstate", I had two tracks make it into the top 3 before and I would be so grateful if this one does aswell ! I'm currently on spot number 17 !
I see great potential for you, you can definitely achieve having a track in the top 10. Imagine having your track in the top 3 !!! I'm sure you'll join me up there very soon !

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redbeat10 months ago

very good track you have my vote friend, you can go aver my most recent track..

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller10 months ago

voted! vote back my HOLLYWOOD!thanks! check out my SOUNDCLOUD , over 992K plays!

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MasKid10 months ago

Please vote for my new track and follow me on Soundcloud.

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