With the New Year comes my New Sound! Atmospheric Voices & Pads, Orchestral Drums, Trancy Drops and Celtic Vibes! You'll like it! and Happy New Year to everyone, wish you the Best!


DimSub5 days ago

Sick!!!! Plz Vote On My New Track - "Struggle"!!!

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Sarel Dreacks
Sarel Dreacks5 days ago

I love Celtic Vibes ! Nice track ! Supported

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VΛSKO5 days ago

thank you!

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V£ktar5 days ago

Voted!!!.....love the sounds u put togethet man

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VΛSKO5 days ago

glad to know!

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TeenageBuddha6 days ago

How about we both help each other out. Vote for my track "Deal With That" and i'll VOTE BACK

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Jackson Meijer
Jackson Meijer6 days ago

good job, voted! check my last track Wild fire, please

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Simonsfield6 days ago

voted! vote back my I CAN FEEL ! thanks!

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Jacka886 days ago

Nice song :)

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XFDS6 days ago

Voted!! Please be sure to check out my bounce track "Buzzin" on my page !

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J'honatan6 days ago

Me Gusta Tu Sonido. He Votado Por Ello, Agradeceria Mucho Que Sacaras Un Momento Y Escucharas Feel The Ligths. Vota Por Ella Si Te Gusta!!! Exitos.

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S&M ☑
S&M ☑6 days ago

Nice track VASKO Voted, keep up the good work!! if you get the chance could you please check out my new single Long Way Home featuring Megan Perry? Much love thank you.

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US ninjamafia
US ninjamafia6 days ago

My favourite track

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VΛSKO6 days ago

Glad you like it!

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Fullpoy6 days ago

Hey Cool track i voted for you could you vote back for my latest track (remix) please

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MaXiyaR6 days ago

Hi! Good job
Please Check my new Track!((Tori Kelly-Should've Been Us))& vote back.

Thank you!

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Schneider6 days ago

It's so good the bass mellody everything just love it
Voted and supported
Pls voted back on my new track called silk

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Batuhan Aydil
Batuhan Aydil6 days ago

This is good vasko, you have my vote! if you want, you can vote my latest track "Tilt", thank you and good luck, you can follow me on soundcloud also i'll follow you too.

For everybody, if you vote me and make a comment, i'll do the same thing for you ;)

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Rucki6 days ago

This is so cool! Good Work!
You have my Vote!
Please check out and Vote my new track ,,Chaos"!
I would be very proud!
Lets support each other!
Good Luck!

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Maschera Franck
Maschera Franck6 days ago

Please listen and vote my last work --- SHIT ART
Thanks you!!!!

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Naveda6 days ago

wow thats a cool mix there bro
you got my vote bro
i really liked your lead strings .
plz check out my SPACE and if you liked it ,then bro VOTE.

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DJ REWIND6 days ago

Love it ! Voted and followed you! Hope you will do the same for my track " Don't be so afraid "

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CJ216 days ago

With the fusion of futurebass and trap, I'm back with another banger "You-21ZoNeD". Vote if you like it, follow me if I made you happy. Namaste

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