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MaXiyaR5 months ago

Hi! Good job !!
Please Check my new Track!((Tori Kelly-Should've Been Us))& vote back

Thank you!!!!

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Lucas Hills
Lucas Hills5 months ago

Hi Code Noise
Your track is very clean ! I love it !
I love your drop !
Your sounddesign is pro ;D
Voted sure
Pls give a honest feedback and vote my last track "To The Ocean" !
If you want to speak add me SC ( LucasRmnd )

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem5 months ago

hey bro, it's Léo, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my new track "Ecape in the city"

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AddeJakobsson5 months ago

Hi, Good track, i really liked the melody and the sound of the track and you got my vote. Hope you can check out my latest track Adde Jakobsson - Error (2019)

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LO-KOST5 months ago

Nice track ! That’s voted !
I'd be grateful if you checked my new track " When The Sun Goes Down " !
I’m currently number 13 and it would be great if you could help me to get into the top 10 ! :)

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LAFAYETTE ✪5 months ago

Happy New Year !
I like this !
This is pretty cool to be honest !
I like how you put everything together it really creates a nice atmosphere throughout and like every single detail fits everything else in the track !
If you have any question or want some help someday with anything, you can follow me and send me a message on instagram or soundcloud (i use those a lot so i always reply there)
By the way, I would love if you could send me back some support for my latest track "Upstate", I had two tracks make it into the top 3 before and I would be so grateful if this one does aswell ! I'm currently on spot number 27 !
I see great potential for you, you can definitely achieve having a track in the top 10. Imagine having your track in the top 3 !!! I'm sure you'll join me up there very soon !

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Mowgly5 months ago

Hi, Nice Remix!! I voted for you🔥
Please listen to my new music "Mowgly - MaCo".
I'm glad if you like it. Please vote if that is okay🤟

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Marko Skye
Marko Skye5 months ago

Cool remix,Codenoize,voted!
Please, check out my new song: The Old Tape and I would appreciate your vote,too.

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Biray5 months ago

I listening your work i think i have a good potential
You have my vote.
Give me you feed on my track COMING BACK
If you like you can voted and follow me :),


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Zagreus Reborn
Zagreus Reborn5 months ago

Sick house beat, punchy beat on this! Catchy synth melodies on this, unique production! Well done, Voted!🔥
My new track is for a good cause, I need your support to bring awareness! 🙏
There more we fight for the truth, the more people we can save! Any feedback on my soundcloud would be greatly appreciated!

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann5 months ago

Hey, awesome remix! Keep this great work up, love it! I voted for you!
Check out my official remix of Alexxias ft. LightLight's “Together“. Please help me to bring it up by voting back for it.

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TeenageBuddha5 months ago

Vote for my track "Deal With That". I'd i'll vote back for you

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Duplex Bassline
Duplex Bassline5 months ago

Awesome Song!🔥 Voted for sure!✅
Let's support each other and vote for my latest Track "The Beginning" as well❤️️

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller5 months ago

Voted!vote back my WE LET IT GO !Thanks!pp

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FAHOMK OROKS5 months ago

Buen remix, puedes dar un vistazo a mi nueva canción y votar por ella si gustas, puedes seguirme también!

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DJ REWIND5 months ago

Hey man! This is great stuff! You got my vote and I followed you too! Hope you could do the same and please vote back on my track "Don't Be So Afraid".

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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos5 months ago

cool track ,HAPPY NEW YEAR.... VOTED! Check me out also:) Lets support each other follow for follow on here and soundcloud. Keep up the good work:)

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the Voyager
the Voyager5 months ago

Hey! I really like the vibe of this track! I voted for your track because I can tell that you've been working on creating a sound that is unique to you and if you keep working to do what you're doing you're definitely going to get where you want to be!

If you want, feel free to stop by my Soundcloud and follow me, you can also send message me and I can give you more in-depth feedback or comments on your tracks.

Also, I did just release my new track 'Taken', so if you wouldn't mind checking it out and letting me know what you think I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a great day!

the Voyager

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Jaylyn Snow
Jaylyn Snow5 months ago

Very cool tune, I've voted

Please vote for my latest entry "Panic" - thank you :D

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Toshi-Lo5 months ago

Support! sick instrumentals man, VOTED :)
Lets support each other vote for vote on here. Keep up the good work:)

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