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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 10 months ago

Thanks for this one! The track has got a nice laidback vibe to it, perfect background music. We do think you can improve soundquality as it sounds a bit blown up. With the accoustic guitar as prominent instrument i guess a bit more natural approach to the mix would spice it up. Hope that helps!

Score: 2
Maxim White
Maxim White10 months ago


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BN10 months ago

Tried to make the tracks look like Matt Nash.

Score: -1
JinJinJinJin10 months ago

Hey DAYFOX, I'm supporting your track with a vote, best of luck!
If you get the chance, can you support my track with a vote also, thank you.

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Rober Ro
Rober Ro10 months ago

Hey DAYFOX! Great track, really loved the vibes. I voted! If you could vote for my track, "BANANA", that would be great!

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DJ DEN10 months ago


Cool job! Well done! I'm already VOTED for you!
Please, VOTE for my new Track: DJ DEN - Holi!
Thank you so much for the support!

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We are one Big Musical Family!

See you,

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LMNTRX10 months ago

Wow, i really like this one! Voted

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TeenageBuddha10 months ago

Amazing song! VOTED Can you please return the favor and vote on my track "Deal With That"

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ShittyBeatz10 months ago

Nice chill vibes!
I like "strawberry jam" - you too? Check out my profile :P

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EleckSky10 months ago

Hey ! Cool track DayFox ^^

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The Terrorists6
The Terrorists610 months ago

I heard your track I love your track and you have to be on top from today i am your big fan I don’t want your vote but I request you to listen my track and guide me sir and help me for correct my mistakes .

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KASTOMARIN10 months ago

Voted!vote back my al l bo
Supernow (Kastomarin Remix)2

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Jake Wallis
Jake Wallis10 months ago

yoooooo this is sick!

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Hit_za10 months ago

hello DAYFOX, dope track man, I voted for your track hey, please take sometime and listen to my music and vote if its good to your ears. thank you :)

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OLB10 months ago

Hey Dayfox,
Congrats for making it in the top 3!
Really like your new track 'The Sunshine'
Let me know if there is anything i can do for you. (Via SoundCloud)
Best regards, OLB.

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GenJko10 months ago

this is sick, bro. Great work. Check out my song Titans, a cool melodic Dubstep vibe

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Tebi10 months ago

!Hi, I loved your track! I love your style! I would love to know more about your music and that you know mine! I would like you to listen to my tracks and tell me what you think, I leave you my vote and I invite you to talk a bit about our music on Soundcloud and see if at some point we can build a track together! I send you a hug! I LET MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

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Saloman10 months ago

Great sunny track, voted!
I hope you will find time to listen to my song "Space Dream".
Sincerely, Saloman

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BurakOzcan10 months ago

Very original sounds i liked dayfox and i voted :)
Please check my last track " Chemical Energy " if you like it vote me back please :))

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD10 months ago

Nice work friend, you got a vote from me!

My latest single "Can't Stop Thinking About You" has a tropical house vibe, killer vocals, analog electric and acoustic guitars, and a booming drop. Extended mix available for any DJ's looking for some new music!

Would love a follow on Soundcloud as well. And I'm always looking for remixers. HMU on Soundcloud if interested!

Thanks for listening --- J- Rob MD

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Trackalyst10 months ago

Love the plucks. Voted 100%. If you could support my latest track "Tonight" with a vote and a comment I would highly appreciate it!

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Maxim White
Maxim White10 months ago

Great Track

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