On My Way

New Town Ground

Developing emotions with Analogue love


BrotherCharles1 year ago

New Town Ground,

Good work! You have my support. Voted!

I like to support those that express creativity and passion. If possible, please check out my track release: "RHYMING SUNSHINE".

I would be delighted to receive your vote of support and/or comment feedback.


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Dave Baker
Dave Baker1 year ago

cool track. vote! I like! keep improving the sound!
By the way, I also added a new track "Fuel" vote for it and leave your opinion in the comments!
This track will conquer the world!222

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LAFAYETTE ✪1 year ago

Hey bro ! I like this !
This is pretty cool to be honest !
You might have guessed that this is a copy-pasted comment like every single one on here because i can't actually write a fully different 8-line comment for everyone,
but i really think that this is some good work ! I like how you put everything together it really creates a nice atmosphere throughout and like every single detail fits everything else in the track !
If you have any question or want some help with anything, you can follow me and send me a message on instagram or soundcloud (i use those a lot so i always reply there) and ask me any question there, i'll do my best to help you out !
By the way, I would love if you could send me back some support for my latest track "Shanghai". I had two tracks that made it into the top 3 before and I would be so grateful if this one does aswell !
I see great potential for you, you can definitely achieve having a track in the top 10. Imagine having your track in the top 3 !!! I'm sure you'll join me up there very soon !

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Lukas Loechert
Lukas Loechert1 year ago

Nice track.
Keep it up.
You have my vote.
Feel free to listen to my new track "Event Horizon".
Follow me on SoundCloud if You like my music .

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Rucki1 year ago

Good work!
I like it !!
You have my Vote!
Please check out and Vote for my new Progressive House track ,,Restart"!
Lets support each other!
I would be very proud!
Good Luck!

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DJ DEN1 year ago


Cool job! Well done! I'm VOTED for you!
Please, VOTE for my new Track: DJ DEN - Holi!
Thank you so much for the support!

Come to visit me on SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram
Check out to my YouTube channel.

We are one Big Musical Family!

See you,

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Sredensse1 year ago

Good sound.
I love it.
keep it up.
I supported you.
Best wishes.

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Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Hello BROTHER, New Year, how are you?
I ask your vote for my new track * CLUBBER MOVER ", could you follow me in my networks too?
Alias ​​I voted on your track, before sending this message, I am also following you.
Hug and success, I hope you get to the top

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FLR1 year ago

good work man, nice and deep ,voted :)

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Dmitrii Stucalschi

My name is Dmitrii Stucalschi
I listened to your track and I really liked it (I voted)
Your style is beautiful.
I do with you collab
listen to my last track "number 22"
And if you like write me in Soundcloud
And if it's not hard for you to vote for my last track "Number 22" in talent pool
Thank you

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NightOwl Records

Voted. Please vote the new track by BIG IN SMASH - Shots. Thanks very much! NightOwl Records.

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delarosa1 year ago

Nice sounding track, voted. Please check out my latest track and vote / comment. Thanks in advance.

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Jussi1 year ago

Futuristic and cool

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Simonsfield1 year ago

VOTED! vote back my I CAN FEEL!thanks!dd

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Basteriza1 year ago

voted, please go to see my new remix of carla morrison, I hope you like it XD

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Longer ozzy
Longer ozzy1 year ago

Hey nice track you got there! Voted! And vote me back too in my new track!!!

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Glekone1 year ago

Wow.... Awsome track Buddy ;) ....! Voted .....
If u have time ,please check my new track " INFINITY " .
Hope you'll like it

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Them Thrifterz
Them Thrifterz1 year ago

Really awesome Dark vibe! Really would work in a underground club Voting back and following!

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New Town Ground
New Town Ground1 year ago

Thank you for listening.

Genuine feedback.
Means the world.

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B£@T M@K£R$
B£@T M@K£R$1 year ago

This should be top 10 already, fucking awesome track bro

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New Town Ground
New Town Ground1 year ago

Thank you!!!

Not sure people are listening

Love the fact you have.


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