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I Personally listen all the songs I vote for, if your song is good you've got my vote, if you're watching this message it means that I heard your song and is Freaking good, so I give you my vote. Thank You All For Your Support :)


BUSTERZ4 years ago

Awesome! Nice work Already Voted and Followed you :) If you didn’t follow me back yet, follow me back please, my friend :) We always support you & you're music as a fan  Portland (Busterz Remix)

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EONX4 years ago

I VOTE THIS TRACK!///// YOU GIVE MY SUPPORT///// _________________________________ PLS Support me and vote MY TRACK: http://tlnt.pl/ZQKehR

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Danblast4 years ago

Nice work! Please, Vote on my remix! :)  Portland (Danblast remix)

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Dj M-Stefan
Dj M-Stefan4 years ago

Voted!great work Please check out my remix  Portland (Dj M-Stefan Remix)

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Vision Mode4 years ago

You have our vote! We love your sound, good job mate :) Take some time to listen to our track if you want and vote it if you like it^^  Portland (Vision Mode Remix) Thank you so much for your support!

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Hey people I hope you enjoy this remix as much as I do ?

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