TheLavish - Reasons


Maiocchi1 year ago

Good Chorus! U got my vote! Listen to my latest song MYOKI - YEAH and vote if u like! PZ

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Harwok1 year ago

voted good song)

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Séthi 1er
Séthi 1er1 year ago

great work there , you have my vote!
please check my new fresh track - ( never letting go ). hope you like it to ,
we can also folow & support each other on soundcloud and leave a good feedback.

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The Voided
The Voided1 year ago

pretty vibes

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams1 year ago

Hey man, this track is amazing, VOTED! Please check out my new remix for Jess Glynne's "I'll Be There" and drop a VOTE if you enjoy!! I also follow everyone back on SoundCloud!

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Dassska1 year ago

Nice vibes! Voted!

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KASTOMARIN1 year ago

amazing!voted! pls listen and vote my new track
Virtuaria - Casablanca ( KastomariN Remix )

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Blusterfield1 year ago

TheLavish, cool work. I really like it.
Check my sound: Blusterfield & AddeJakobsson - Give Me Chance.
Thanks, dude. <3

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Dima Zill
Dima Zill1 year ago

Hello!Nice work THELAVISH , keep it going. Voted!

Please listen to my latest track Fractall Gabe FKLS -Take Over(Dima Zill Remix)

Please vote and comment

Really appreciate it creative friend

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Avdik.m1 year ago

Hey bro! I like it !
This is pretty cool to be honest!
  I really think this is a good job! I love how you put it all together, it really creates a pleasant atmosphere everywhere, and every detail fits into everything else in the track!
Vote for my track too "Not A Step Back" I will be very grateful =)

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Sumit Oli
Sumit Oli1 year ago

I like your style...Kinda vibey like ncs style with sexy bassline!!!
All the best bro. :))
Check out mine & tell how's it..That's what broducer do!!
We Rise,We Grow!!!

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Vale End
Vale End1 year ago

--- VALE END - HIDDEN --------
Spotify in my profile!

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Matthew Barraza1 year ago

yeah this song is really good I can understand why its so high up on the talent pool
do you think you can vote for my most recent song or really any of them and maybe we can follow each other on soundcloud

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FAYP_Production1 year ago

Amazing track! Good work! Voted! Please feel free to vote for my new track "Planitude" included in my album "Hypophysis".

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FAYP_Production1 year ago

Amazing track! Good work! Voted! Please feel free to vote for my new track "Planitude" included in my album "Hypophysis".
Happy Listening

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ET1 year ago

Cool sounding track, voted! I hope you will find time to listen to my newly released track "Journey".

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LunaticsDJ1 year ago

Please support our track Lift Away!
Anyone who votes for my track gets a vote and follow back :D

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TeenageBuddha1 year ago

If you could jusy Vote for my track "Deal With That". I'd love to vote back for you

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eicos&Diver1 year ago

nice Work!!
Please check our new remix and vote back if you want!!
Good Luck,

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Choroh1 year ago

Hi Lavish
FUCK, THIS IS VERY COOL! The track is worthy of the top!!!
I vote!
Please, if it doesn’t complicate, support my work "In a black hole".

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