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fatay6 days ago

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Vector6 days ago

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Mark Hide
Mark Hide7 days ago

Hey! Good job! I voted for you, please vote on my remix "Souls In Love"
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Sebbowich7 days ago

Hey there i did listen to the track of yours, i liked it and you have my vote. I would be happy if you would like to listen to my mix of Mirai for the Madison contest. on forward thanks. Keep doing the great work

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DARKYLOSE7 days ago

Hey DISERPIER:! Nice Track! I like the vibe in your song. Can you go onto my profile and listen to my latest track " MY WORLD " It's a Future Bounce track and I've played it on my local club and it was awesome! Can you give me some feedback on the latest track and maybe leave a like?

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Ema Covers
Ema Covers8 days ago

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N3RVE9 days ago

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FLSHBNG9 days ago

This song is GREAT i love it my vote is for you

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Roderic H
Roderic H10 days ago

voted! Only thing is that the midi accordion sounds bad. You should record live accordion on you track. I can help you with that. Listen my track Dancing Accordion for example

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Easie Cannon
Easie Cannon10 days ago

Finally a song in the Talent Pool that actually good! Keep working you have my vote
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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo11 days ago

I voted for your track.
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Thanks in advance.
Good luck.

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Psyde11 days ago

Nice chord progression and vocals. Unique drop instrument. Amazing production. Check out my track puzzles and vote if you like it. Voted!

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Lifted Dreams
Lifted Dreams12 days ago

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Last Value
Last Value12 days ago

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Joep Mens
Joep Mens12 days ago

nice track man!!!

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SamShuk12 days ago

That's Amazing !

I voted for your track !!

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Thanks !

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo12 days ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “PARIS”.
Thanks in advance
Good luck.❤

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rougdrag12 days ago

I really like this! You have so much talent! Much luck om your way! You have my vote.

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Fullpoy12 days ago

Hi your track is really good and I voted for you, could you vote back for my last track « Endless Beauty » please

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