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skpuna41915911 year ago

Nice one!

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music1 year ago

Good song! Voted. Please vote back for my future bass remix of "Infinite Summers." Thanks!

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Axel Peters
Axel Peters1 year ago

This sounds professional! I voted!

Please check out my latest track “Don’t Stop” aswell. And feel free to leave a vote if you like it! Thankyou if you do! I’m currently in the 25th place and I hope to reach top 10!

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Lusitany1 year ago

Amazing track! Great sound! Voted. Vote back on my song - Volta Pra Mim - thanks

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HYDROJEN1 year ago

Hello DVBLEX, I like this track a lot! I voted for it. ❤
Could you please vote for my new track in return? 🙏
I love your style. If you'd like to make a remix of my track, get the stems in the description. I'll repost your remix on Soundcloud. 🔥

Herman Lederer.

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BIONT ✪1 year ago

Cool track DVBLEX!!! Voted!!! Nice idea, cool sounds and great mix as well!
If you have time please checkout my latest release called "Rising" and please vote back for it!
I hope that you'll reach your goal... Keep it up bro!!!

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PXZEL1 year ago

Yo dvblex, loving the new vibes. Great flow and solid sound design. Keep up that grind, I really like this sound for you, leaving you a vote ! If you got a sec, check out my zodiac themed edm, I could use a vote on “Taurus”! (All but Aries is up there! So let me know if I did your sign right!)

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

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S A V I N1 year ago

Good Track man Voted! Please vote back if you like my new track "Bloom" thanks and enjoy!

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BurakÖzcan1 year ago

Really cool vocals and everythinks soo god dude i like it :) good luck i voted :)
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DJ DEN1 year ago


Cool job! Well done! I'm VOTED for you!
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Thank you so much for the support!

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We are one Big Musical Family!

See you,

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Fullpoy1 year ago

Hi DVBLEX your track is really amazing and I voted for you, could you vote back for my last track (Remix 2) please

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MaXiyaR1 year ago

Hi! Good job!!
Please Check my new Track!((Tori Kelly-Should've Been Us))& vote back...

Thank you!!!!

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Reinn1 year ago

Hi, I just checked your new track and was good!
I voted for you.
Good luck!

If you have time,
please check my new track " NEMU " .
Hope you'll like it
and vote for me too.

Thank you!!!

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Nice track, voted. If you want, check out my latest song "Hot Summer" and vote for it please :) Good luck Dvblex!

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Headless1 year ago

One of the best tracks I heard today! Where did you got the vocals, sounds super cool! big support

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Rucki1 year ago

Nice Dvblex!
You have my Vote!
Please check out and Vote for my new Progressive House track ,,Restart"!
Lets support each other!
I would be very proud!
Good Luck!

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KinAhau1 year ago

Nice track dude, loved the vocals and the track it’s really unique! Voted for sure! Hope you can vote back for my last track “Ogres”. Good luck and thanks bro

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Matt Tucker
Matt Tucker1 year ago

Hey Man, This Track is amazing, I see lots of talent in you! I voted this track, if you could help me and vote my track ‘Want2Be’ as well, I’d really appreciate it!!
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When you post you’re next track, DM me on SoundCloud and I’ll be sure to check it out!!

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Szau1 year ago

Nice track, good vocal. Voted :)

I would appreciate if You could check my new track and vote if You like it ;)

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