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JinJinJinJin11 months ago

Hey DAYFOX, I'm supporting your track with a vote, best of luck!
If you get the chance, can you support my track with a vote also, thank you.

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samuelhigginson11 months ago

Killer track.
Wicked vocal performance and the production is on point.
Not tryna over complicate things. NOICE
If I'm bein SUPER picky I'd probz say the chorus could use more of a booOoost, maybe some subtle synthy layering type stuff?
Maybe some shimmery cymbally stuff?
Anyways... wicked track.
riiiiiiiight onnnnnNn

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Harwok11 months ago

voted good job

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Vale End
Vale End11 months ago


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Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala11 months ago

Super track DayFox!
Take a listen to both of my tracks and support me if u like

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LadyQBebe11 months ago


You getting better and better!!
Keep it up!

Please, vote for Lounge and Big Room!


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Dmitrii Stucalschi
Dmitrii Stucalschi11 months ago

My name is Dmitrii Stucalschi
I listened to your track and I really liked it (I voted)
Your style is beautiful.
I do with you collab
listen to my last track "number 22"
And if you like write me in Soundcloud
And if it's not hard for you to vote for my last track "Number 22" in talent pool
Thank you.

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Rucki11 months ago

Good work!
I like it !!
You have my Vote!
Please check out and Vote for my new Progressive House track ,,Restart"!
Lets support each other!
I would be very proud!
Good Luck!

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Løuable11 months ago

Hey Da,
I really enjoyed this track you made. I love the vibe, could still use some tweaks in the midranges but still very nice :). Worth the vote.
I'd apreciate it if you took a look at mine (my latest Track - Alle meine Jungs (Remix)) aswell and leave some feedback, since we are all in the same boat here ;).

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BenceSudar11 months ago

Vote for my latest track Roadway (Club Edit) THX

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Jack zade
Jack zade11 months ago

super chill
love the vocal too

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DJ-TAGGY11 months ago

Hee my fellow music maker, love your music and like the stile you using, if you have time would you please check my James Kaye Remix, thank you and good luck , you will where you want to be ..

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Nic Illing
Nic Illing11 months ago

Whats up Dayfox, I really like your kind of future bass style and I love the vocals as well ! ! You got my support !
Would be dope if you could also check out my new Song ‚SMACK‘ as well. Its a very deep and powerful song.
Cheers and all the best, Nic

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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller11 months ago

voted!vote back my WE LET IT GO and MOMENT!thanks!

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HYDROJEN11 months ago

Hi DayFox, I like this track a lot! I voted for it. ❤
Could you please vote for my new track in return? 🙏
I love your style. If you'd like to make a remix of my track, get the stems in the description. I'll repost your remix on Soundcloud. 🔥

Herman Lederer.

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PXZEL11 months ago

yo dayfox, I like your new track, great energy! keep it up, i really like this sound for you, left you a vote!! If you got a sec, check out my zodiac themed edm, could use a vote on the newest “taurus”! (btw i got 11/12 zodiac done, so if yours is up there, lmk if i did you right!)

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Axel Peters
Axel Peters11 months ago

Cool stuff my friend! I voted!

Please check out my latest track “Don’t Stop” aswell. And feel free to leave a vote if you like it! Thankyou if you do! I’m currently in the 20th place and I hope to reach top 10!

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ReyMod.com11 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Very GOOD song you got my vote!, Please vote back for my latest production!! XD and please follow me in twitter @reymod77 and so, we will be in contact

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ReyMod.com11 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod, Very Nice, vote!, pls vote for my last track jobs!!! and please follow me in soundcloud and so, we will be in contact good luck!

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UNEK11 months ago

Support! Keep cool support too :)

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