TheLavish - Too Strong


SORTEGO6 months ago

Cool track VOTED for you! Check me out also:) Lets support each other follow for follow on here and soundcloud. Keep up the good work:)))))

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Allan Rockwell
Allan Rockwell6 months ago

Nice Track TheLavish, I Voted! Can you help me out and vote for my remix of "Let you love me". Thx

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MAHDI6 months ago

Very good and Voted + Supported
Keep it up
Give the Voted Back

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AayZee6 months ago

I voted your track ! :D
Good Luck :)
Hope you check out my track Trio.

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Maiocchi6 months ago

Whop! Sounds great! U got something good going on here! U got my vote! Listen to my latest song MYOKI - YEAH and vote if u like! PZ

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Séthi 1er
Séthi 1er6 months ago

great work there , you have my vote!
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Peter Pinehiller
Peter Pinehiller6 months ago

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Simonsfield6 months ago

voted! vote back my I CAN FEEL!thanks!

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Vale End
Vale End6 months ago

Spotify in my profile!

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Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala6 months ago

Nice vibezz!
Voted bro!
Could u take a listen to “WIDE LOAD” & “SPONVIKA”??
2 tracks that will make ur day! Support me and comment if u enjoy!
Good Luck

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TeenageBuddha6 months ago

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Recvey6 months ago

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FERLOARG6 months ago

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Cryptic alpha
Cryptic alpha6 months ago

This track sounds very pro.. I like the drop rlly!! Voted, can you check back?

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FunFil6 months ago

Hello mate.

I`m here not only for promotion, I really liked ur vibes, n I like Future House at all!
If I could have PR not this way...
Bt I`m proud of my new track "Some moves".
Can u check it n vote too if u`ll like it?

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Lusitany6 months ago

Amazing dance track! 👍👍👍 Great sound! 👍👍👍 🎹😊😊 Fantastic! good energy!
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Matt Dore
Matt Dore6 months ago

Good job.
Please check out my track "Power", and vote back if you liked it.
Thanks. Good luck. :)

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K3JO6 months ago

Hey! I don't want to give you a fake comment because they sucks, but maybe we can do vote for vote ( K3JO - Blade )? I'm not a greedy person, so I'm gonna give you a vote! Good Luck,bro!!!

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SVN Music
SVN Music6 months ago

Nice Track, cool melody bro! Vote for my new Track "Continue"!⚡⚡
Lets go and vote back! 🤙🏼

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Axel Peters
Axel Peters6 months ago

Nice work you guys! This is the second track I’ve heard from you! I’m really getting a fan of your tracks! Would you guys check out my track and give me some feedback?

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