BraveLion - Hopelight


DAMASI6 days ago

niiiiice !!!! love that, the summer can come greetings from switzerland. VOTED!

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Luke Tidbury6 days ago

Great song! Voted! It would be good if you could vote back on my track 'hardbass'

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JavierOg4Life6 days ago

nice bro!

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SlvmpyCrüz6 days ago

nice bro!

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Mauricio Barba
Mauricio Barba6 days ago

Voted bro!

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RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪

hey bro´s, during the next two hours I will be giving votes x votes! Vote and comment on my profile and I will automatically follow you and vote for you!

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Kevin_Sihwan6 days ago


I'm now listening to your track and the kick sound is really nice!! But I think it should be longer a little bit to release your track:)

But it sounds really nice

If you neeed any feedback, plz let me know :)

I voted for you and if you like my track, "Kevin Sihwan - Bounce", It would be great to vote back for me!!


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Veronika River
Veronika River6 days ago

Wow this track is Lucious for sure - love the opening so much. Happy Vday!

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Fernando Lopez Piña


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DJ Mo-Joe
DJ Mo-Joe6 days ago

Great Track, Levels seem a bit hot but I like what I here. Voted. If you get the chance to support me as well I would appreciate it.

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L&S RCRDS ✪6 days ago

Hey,nice track, you can hear the mix and master is very clean and I love the synths you chose. Really loking forward to hear more from you Bravelion. Keep up the good work. - L&S records -

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Dasty926 days ago

Very good bravelion!

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Fullpoy6 days ago

Hi your. track is amazing and I VOTED FOR YOU, could you vote back for my last track Remix 4 please

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James Cooper
James Cooper6 days ago

cool track!
vote! I like)
I hope my voice will help you get to the top!
Listen to my new track "Fuel", leave a comment and vote for it! thank
good luck!121

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AlexGaard6 days ago

Wow. you got my vote mate

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Xelfiy6 days ago

this is amazing i voted 4 u

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L E N N ✔️
L E N N ✔️6 days ago

Quality track Bravelion. Amazing flute melody :) Mixdown is also great.

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KLVNG6 days ago

Hey guys!! Please check out our new track, its also out on Spotify now! :)

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Lanhellas Gabe
Lanhellas Gabe6 days ago

Great track Bravelion (^-^),
Please check and vote in my last Track Remix CONTEST = "SUSHI".
All the Best. Thanks ;)

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kalpanamusic6 days ago

nice track sounds amazing voted and supported u can you vote back my track psycho mode too

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