DayFox - Jungle


DIONESIUM11 months ago

If anyone reading this wants actual feedback and a vote one one of your track,
please vote for my track You'll Never be Alone and leave a comment(Stating that you have voted after reading this comment)
I'll surely vote for one of your tracks and let you know what i think of it in the comments

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TRYLOWMUSİC11 months ago

Merk & Kremont - Sushi (Trylow Remix) BİGROOM

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AtakanTekin11 months ago

Merk & Kremont - Sushi ( Trylow Remix) BİGROOM

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TRYLOWMUSİC11 months ago

+1 thanks

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Bargus11 months ago

Hi bro nice track i love it and voted. Please check out my latest track ''Compelete Better'' and vote me please :)))

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S3VENATION11 months ago

Hey dayfox
Wow! This is a very good sound! You have my vote!
Check out my new song "One" and vote me please! Thanks! :)

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SlvmpyCrüz11 months ago


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Don Kon
Don Kon11 months ago

Voted! Love the track! Can you check out my latest release "Breathe"? Thanks!

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TRYLOWMUSİC11 months ago

Merk & Kremont - Sushi ( Trylow Remix)

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BeksultaN11 months ago

Rate my remix of the track Merk Кremont -sushi

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Nicu Rmx
Nicu Rmx11 months ago

Voted and supported! Please vote back for my track Nicu Fast

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Ghrowlst11 months ago

Mucho esfuerzo en este track bro, sigue asi y vas a llegar lejos,
falta poco, por el momento tienes mi apoyo y mi voto.
Me gustaria que pasaras a escuchar mi nuevo track "Inflexión"
Espero sea de tu agrado y lo disfrutes.

buena suerte.

la flauta es genial, y el desenfoque vocal (:

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HVZELNUT!11 months ago

w o w cool work. u have my voted, could u check my track? called "MEGALODON" dont forget to check my id too :)
goodluck in chart you must succes in chart, and get top 10 okay, suppport me

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Dmitrii Stucalschi
Dmitrii Stucalschi11 months ago

My name is Dmitrii Stucalschi
I listened to your track and I really liked it (I voted)
Your style is beautiful.
I do with you collab
listen to my last track "8 bit Games"
And if you like write me in Soundcloud
And if it's not hard for you to vote for my last track "8 bit Games" in talent pool
Thank you

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SHUM_200011 months ago

Hey, man, your track really good. I voted. Please listen my new track from contest and give your vote

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Lello_Oliver11 months ago

Hello FOX! ... Congratulations on your music....
Voted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Follow me too, follow me in my networks ..
Can I ask for your vote (MY FEELLINGS AND SPACE CAR), new release.?
Here we are all producers and one needs the other to succeed.
I'm sure you'll be at the top, I'm trying to spread my music.
I wish all the best and hug

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Lazr11 months ago

Hey DayFox! Great track, really loved the vibes. I voted! If you could vote for my track, "AMBITION", that would be great!

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Hadzo11 months ago

Dayfox, a simple vocal or a singer would bring the vibe that you created much further. you got my vote for this tune!

^^ Got a psytrance festival banger in the KSHMR way, would like to hear your feedback on it and maybe leave a like if it suits your ears :)

Best wishes.

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colenitsky11 months ago

Hey, friend! Great track! You got my vote! If you have time could you pls check out my new track 'Burning love', and give your vote! Lets get to the top together! Good luck!!!

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DJ-TAGGY11 months ago

nice flute, seems Indian and Caribbean, really love this track, voted, if you have time could you support my track ARIA REMIX, thank you and good luck

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Matthew Barraza11 months ago

Nice song, I voted
could you vote for my song Grey

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