xreyproducer@gmail.com X-Rey "Omen(Original Mix)" #house #basshouse #electro X-Rey,a Turkish producer team,has started to share its world with the musiclovers in June,2016.The group members are Hakan Reyhan(19) and Kadir Reyhan(21).The genres of this group are generally future house,electro house,deep house and bass house. Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/xreyproducer/omenoriginal-mix Offical Website: xreyproducer.com


FERLOARG7 months ago

Hi, voted for you voted back mi new track: LOOST!

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Okto7 months ago

Nice track
Please vote for my track Miracle

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Dasty927 months ago

Go omen go on the top10!

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ZEKA_OFFICIAL7 months ago

Cool!!! I like the drop!!! Voted back!!! Thanks for voting my new track!!!

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker7 months ago

cool track!
vote! I like)
I hope my voice will help you get to the top!
Listen to my new track "Fuel", leave a comment and vote for it! thank
good luck!11

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C.H.O 🛸
C.H.O 🛸7 months ago

gold this the best

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Elc7 months ago

Bass sound is really cool and interesting! I like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to original melodic dubstep track "Find Me".

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Harwok7 months ago

voted good job

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HIWEX7 months ago

Well done bro,sound really lit,voted!

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Onur Altuntas
Onur Altuntas7 months ago

Başarılarınızın devamını dilerim,voted already !

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X-Rey7 months ago

Çok teşekkürler :)

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Recvey7 months ago

cool,voted,vote my track please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nic Illing
Nic Illing7 months ago

Yo X-Rey, love your style and the power of the song, would love to listen to this song in the club. Got my support, keep going.
Would be dope if you could also check out my new Song ‚Never Too Late‘ ft. Farrahmon, from my album 'Hidden Feelings' as well. Its very melodic with lot of power.
Cheers and all the best, Nic

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Cheaper7 months ago

all this sounds are sick and dope!
i like the vibe that sounds dark of this🔥
i voted!

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LUSHER7 months ago

Hey X-REY!
This is awesome! Voted!
If you could, please vote my newest track "Atmosphere"
Keep doing what you're doing!

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AayZee7 months ago

Amazing song! Really a gem!!!
Great sound design!Keep it up!
You have my vote!!!
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And follow my socials for more!!!

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DJ Chitocano
DJ Chitocano7 months ago

Votado muy bueno gracias.

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EINNOSZ7 months ago

voted thanks

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KAZEY & RASIALZ7 months ago

voted back

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MeekLaX7 months ago

Really nice man!!! Voted!!

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Let Us Play!
Let Us Play!7 months ago

Voted for You!

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