Hi Guys I hope that you enjoy from the track we worked really hard on the song SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/627753485/okez-fusionerror-silence


A. S W I F T
A. S W I F T4 months ago

Nice !!!!

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O.K.E.Z4 months ago

THNX but U can vote on my Brand New song "Proxy"

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X-Rey6 months ago

Good work and nice sounds are in there ! Voted ! Take a second to check our last track ‘Omen’ and you can give some feedbacks and support us if you like it. Hope to reach best ranks and good luck :)

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️6 months ago

Hello OKEZ, I gave you a vote ! Make Sure to follow my Instagram 🔥 and Soundcloud 🔊: @maxmaddmusic
May your music soon be signed ! 🙏

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MAHDI6 months ago

Very good and Voted + Supported 🔥
Keep it up 💣
Give the Voted Back 👍

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Tripper Strade
Tripper Strade6 months ago

Good Track Voted! Please vote back if you like my new track, 'Man With No Name'

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Lehg6 months ago

Good melody, You have my vote, listen my track "party" tell me what you think;

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Aapex6 months ago

Hi, I loved your track a lot! Amazing hard snare. Great leads. I voted (for real :D) , good job :)
It would be great if you could check out my song "Microbe"(It is the first song that I posted here, I am new actually) and vote on it if you like it. 
Thanks a lot and good luck,
Hope we reach to the top :)

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EINNOSZ6 months ago

w o w cool sounds. u have my voted, could u check my track? called "MEGALODON" dont forget to check my id too :)
goodluck in chart you must succes in chart, and get top 10 okay, suppport me

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3MA D3LGADO6 months ago

Go! Good Music. Voted!

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OneStranger6 months ago

Awsome track! VOTED! Please vote back on my song "Elysium" in this contest! :D

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Pulsetronica6 months ago

Hi bro,

Great track and I VOTED it.

Check out my track and "ENERGY"

If it reach top 10 I will be FOLLOWING everyone who VOTED and commented on this track on SPINNIN RECORDS, SOUNDCLOUD, INSTAGRAM..

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Bass Sky
Bass Sky6 months ago

why i cant listen to this track it doesnt show

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Simple Beat
Simple Beat6 months ago

VOted Back ;)

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