Zaid Osta

My latest Psytrance creation


ARK.1 year ago

I like it!
Check out my Trial and vote back :D

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ARK.1 year ago

Check out my Trial and vote back :D

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MIK3B Music
MIK3B Music1 year ago

wow! I voted for this song, hey let me tell u that this song is just fire, i enjoyed the mixing part of this track, Make more songs like this try to explore more this sound, you will be big!!
Could you please vote for my new song #WhatINeed? and follow x follow
Great job zaid osta

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KOAŁLAI1 year ago

Great job brother. I would love to give you my support with my vote.
If you have some time please check out my new track "Dimensions" and if you like it please leave a vote

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Slava Sid
Slava Sid1 year ago

Hi man!!
Good job!!
Please, vote to my track - What You're Like.
Thanks and good luck!

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SORTEGO1 year ago

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4 Have a nice day ! )))))

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DEEP RHYTHM1 year ago

Nice, keep it up, voted!

My new track "Gone" is out, just entered top 100, make sure to check it out and vote!

Means a lot!

Much love, thanks!

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Lusitany1 year ago

Amazing track! 👍👍👍 Great sound! 👍👍👍 🎹😊😊 Fantastic!
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Thanks, good luck!

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No Future
No Future1 year ago

Awesome track , Good Job🤙🏼. Voted for sure🔥.
Please go check out my new track “Only Sober In The Morning” , Thank You🙏🏼..

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Lehg1 year ago

Good track bro! You have my vote, listen my track "party" tell me what you think, fallow me in spotify "lehg"

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J3tcat1 year ago

Hi man!
2nd drop - amazing!!! )))
Good luck ;)

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ULTRASONIX!1 year ago

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7. Good luck with your new track

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ReyMod.com1 year ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Nice bro! Full support! , Pls Vote back for my latest production and please follow me in twitter @reymod77 and so, we will be in contact

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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin1 year ago

Awesome work bro! Voted. Feel free to check my newest remix „Sushi “ and give some feedback. I would love to get a vote by you as well! Best wishes from Germany! If you want to follow me here and/or on Soundcloud, YouTube & Spotify, I follow back for sure! If you like my music, feel free to check it on Spotify & Apple Music as well!

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Cheaper1 year ago

nice Psy! you have my vote:)

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Peter Pinehiller

Voted!vote back my FIREFLIES!thanks!okj

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theAapex1 year ago

Hi, I loved your track a lot! Great melody and leads. I voted (for real :D) , good job :)
It would be great if you could check out my song "Microbe"(It is the first song that I posted here, I am new actually) and vote on it if you like it. .
Thanks a lot and good luck :)
Hope we reach to the top

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Harwok1 year ago

good job

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