How I Feel


This is my new track 'How I Feel' Hope you like it. '8' is 'B'


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AlaX101 year ago

Hello, Show8ee
My name is AlaX10.
I listened to your track and I really liked it (I voted)
Your style is beautiful.
I do with you collab
listen to my last track "Dreamer"
And if you like it you can follow me on Soundcloud and i'll follow you back
And if it's not hard for you to vote for my last track "Dreamer" in talent pool
Thank you.

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CMWB1 year ago

Good work, cool track! You have my vote!

Please check out my latest track 'THIS' and leave a vote if you like it!

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NYKOLUKE1 year ago

Amazing summer vibes ,voted! Please listen and vote for my new track ,thanks.

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JSTM1 year ago

Wow! Nice track! Well done!

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NoNameMen1 year ago

Man, really loving this one. Totally deserved of the top 20 at least.

Packed with emotion and really good sound design.

Great work, got my vote and support, if you need artworks, logos, some friendly producer exchange. Hit me up on IG and on SC

If you got some time, I have a new tune out called 'Anubis', feel free to check it out and leave a vote back if you like it of course

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Panatema Ed Johnson

i dont need votes just listen all of my last track tell me if its trash:D!!!

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper1 year ago

Nice one! Voted! Vote me back my last track "What You Wanna"), and thank's)

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Muhammad Aqib Jamil

Good one!

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic1 year ago

very good keep on take my vote sb

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YNSWNS1 year ago

Hey Bro!
I voted for you!
I would appreciate it if you could listen to my track "Coming Home" and vote back ???
Good luck.

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LAAN1 year ago

Hi, good work!
I love it. Definitely voted!
Please, check my last tracks and if you like it vote. Cheers!!

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Kale 'N Gravy
Kale 'N Gravy1 year ago

Awesome remix!! Voted!! Check my Sunday morning remix:)

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Show8ee1 year ago

Thanks!but it aint a remix its an original.

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WEYA1 year ago

Interesting track! I voted for it & you got my support! Keep up the amazing work and stay creative! Be sure to check out my EDM track "EVOLUTION" and leave a comment of what you thought of it! Thanks!

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Von Avi
Von Avi1 year ago

Woah this is dope. Voted!
Please Check & Vote For My New Track " Glory "! Thanks.!!

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ZESTIC1 year ago

Oh boy, nice one!!!!😉👍 VOTED

Can I use that one in a mix? Just shared it with my friends, what do you say? Would be great!

Could you please check out my new song "INCIDENT" please? I've been working on that song for a whole year – took me so much time and nerves to finish that one. Would be awesome to see you there in the comments! :)


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FLR1 year ago

love the style of your track, voted :)

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Ohmast1 year ago

Thank's for your comment bro ! voted back ! you make some great work too ! :)

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Dimple Music  ☑️

xo nice song
i like it
voted bro.
Make sure to vote back if you like my song
Dimple The Voie of Rain
Thank you.......

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Nenad1 year ago

Man, Please give me a Feedback on my new future house track ”Let Me Love“. Show some love and vote for it.
Thank you! Good luck!:)

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