Good House Remix


KRONOMYS9 months ago

this is our new track

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BROKE9 months ago

Great Job MAX! VOTED! check my remix of sushi ;)

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Kale 'N Gravy
Kale 'N Gravy9 months ago

Nice remix!! Voted!! Check my remix:)

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Kale 'N Gravy
Kale 'N Gravy9 months ago

Awesome remix!! Voted!! Check my remix:)

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3MA D3LGADO9 months ago

Good Music, Voted

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison9 months ago

Hi DJMAXLIETTA ! Just listened your remix and must admit that your work is really great, I really love it ! Voted for you ! You can vote for my remix by checking it on my profile ! Thanks !

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Khasir9 months ago

Plz vote my "sushi" remix

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NVee Make it bangin'

Great Track DJ Maxlietta. I have voted for you my man, Please take the time to listen to my remix, and vote back. Thanks, NVee, Make it Bangin'

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Pulsetronica9 months ago

Great Track Bro,

There is no way for me to go without voting this track as it seems wonderful.
Love all the elements of this song and hope you would release such incredible tracks in the future as well.

Btw I released my new track called "Sprint" recently and It's currently on 47th place. I hope to see it move further as I love this track very much.
I know that you will definitely vote my track and show it some love.

If you need any help on regarding music production or want any collaboration don't hesitate to DM on Instagram and Soundcloud.
Good Day bro and hope to see you soon man.

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Gasbler9 months ago

Sounds nice max! keep the good work, please check my remix and vote back! thanks bro

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R3LIC9 months ago

Awesome remix! Killed it! Just voted! If you have a second to vote back for my track limitless it would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work!

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Carlo Bari
Carlo Bari9 months ago

-nice ..if you want listen to my remix of SUSHI.. trust me ..its incredible!-

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HVZELNUT!9 months ago

wassup bro, your track is very very cool. and you got my voted, could u check my new track? "BUBBLEGUM" its unique men, i hope u like it
and dont forget to check my previous track "MEGALODON". u can find me on youtube, soundcloud = RequenoszOfficial
and instagram = Sandhy Ginosz /sandhyginosz14
Facebook = sndhy hmdniftrhmn

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Pulsetronica9 months ago

Great track brother,

You're music is really inspiring a lot. Hope you would continue making such great music.

I think you'd like my new track called "Sprint". I know that you'll surely enjoy it.

You can further connect with me on Soundcloud and Instagram. If you send me a message I'd really reply all the time.

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Lanhellas Gabe
Lanhellas Gabe9 months ago

WOW! Awesome DJMaxLietta, VOTED!!
Please, can u VOTE in my Remix = "SUSHI"?
I will appreciate
All the Best for u. Thanks ;)

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Loki.9 months ago

Hear my new Big Room track ¨Valhalla¨ and tell me what do you think! Sure you like it!!!!

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Artturo9 months ago

very good aggressive track until you want to dance. voted friend. if it's not too much trouble you could vote for my "sushi" remix if it's not too much trouble

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OneStranger9 months ago

Awsome track! VOTED! Please vote back on my remix aswell in this contest and keep up the awsome work!!!

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TOMAS_BALAZ9 months ago

sound good bro. i voted. have a nice day

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D3ARD4N9 months ago

Please check to my track MOVE ON and vote if you like it

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