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Von Avi
Von Avi1 year ago

Dope. Voted.
Please Check & Vote For My New Track " Glory "! Thanks!!

Score: 1
rougdrag1 year ago

cool song DARKYLOSE,

By the way ,
check my new track "adagio for strings" if you want and leave a vote because if you like it,
all the best for you ;-)
love and peace

Score: 1
David [3D Music]

Hey, I liked your track !
You got my vote! please vote back for my track "Deep In Sea"
My goal is to reach top 100!

good luck, see you at the top :)

Score: 1
Dj Mb95
Dj Mb951 year ago

Voted,i like it
I invita you to listen my track In My Sound, hope you like it and vote me back
Good luck in the chart

Score: 1
Dave Baker
Dave Baker1 year ago

hey cool track!
I like! vote!
Yes, this message is spam, but I cannot physically physically write a separate review to everyone because of the lack of time. but I really listen to the track, and if I like it. I send this SMS and vote for you! Let's listen to my new track "The Ocean". leave your reviews and vote! Thanks for your time! good luck!!!!!!!1

Score: 1
Show8ee1 year ago

nice n nice

Score: 1
Russell Nisbet
Russell Nisbet1 year ago

Truly is magic! I've voted for you and would appreciate if you could vote my back my latest track called "Faith" Thanks!

Score: 1
Nikgeniy1 year ago

Voted brother

Score: 1
Sunny Syndicate
Sunny Syndicate1 year ago

Voted! Thanks for your support!

Score: 1
hackologica1 year ago

It's Wonderful track you got my voted.

Score: 1
Cheaper1 year ago

wonderful!!! i voted for this great drop🔥

Score: 1
Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic1 year ago

great keep it up take my vote d

Score: 1
SoldierOfStreet1 year ago

Nice drop . Voted :)

Score: 1
DJ Erika
DJ Erika1 year ago

Cool track!
I follow you!
Follow me also here and in the Soundcloud!

Score: 1
Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala1 year ago

Take a listen to “THE WILD SIDE’’ ‘’WITCHCRAFT” & ‘’LIQUIDS’’
3 tracks spinnin’ on #talentpool that will make ur day! Support me and comment if u vote back plz!
Good Luck

Score: 1
Geo Daft
Geo Daft1 year ago

I voted your piece and nice, against the voice and too put forward but your track and very well

Score: 1
Lakosta691 year ago

железный голос мне нравится я голосую

Score: 1
REFLEXION751 year ago

взаимо действие друг голосую

Score: 1
DJ Mo-Joe
DJ Mo-Joe1 year ago

I usually don't like giving Critique because I don't like judging other peoples art. But you asked me to so I will. First the drop at :47 if FIRE!! my only problem with the song is the violin and the vocals seem to be clashing. Try dropping one or the other and see what happens. I like the vocal and the violin separately, but they are clashing when together. but I wouldn't change anything else!!!

Score: 1
REFLEXION751 year ago

привет голос на голос посмотри мой трек и если нравится голосуй

Score: 1