Sushi (Madj Remix)

Merk & Kremont

My remix of Sushi is OUT NOW!! Let me now what you think with a comment!! Hope you like it guys!!!!


BEHNEN1 year ago

great Melodie and very catchy:) the middlefrequencies of the mainlead sound a bit harsh on my Mac internal boxes...without that its a hit...
thx4 voting

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oneZero11 year ago

Good remix.
But there is no like button?

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benettilucas1 year ago

Nice track bro!! The real music that keep us listening and I'm sure that will be like a bomb on the dancefloor

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Deneo1 year ago

You know what? It's good, so I voted.

[Wait I can't vote]

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ILOVECRAZY1 year ago

Wow, I really liked this remix, and I also listened to your tracks. You are cool, go ahead and you will become famous you will succeed. I am waiting for your new tracks and remixes. Good luck bro

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Yosemite991 year ago

Very very good! CONGRATS! you added Good sounds to the original one, and the quality is high!

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Algorite1 year ago

great work !

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DJ Kinna
DJ Kinna1 year ago

Yo Madj, thnx for voting my track ! :) i have listed your track. I like the melody and the progression in the track, you have my vote ! I have also you followed on soundcloud maybe that you want to follow me back on soundcloud. Greetz DJ Kinna ! You have my support !

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Hi Thanks so much for voting for our track drop the bombz!! I love this sushi remix well done!!! Nicely produced!

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✞M$K✞ ✪ ® ™

Wow very good music .

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SilentCrafter1 year ago

I like it :D

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Suhail S
Suhail S1 year ago

But I remember voting for this track already :) nice remix!

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Suhail S
Suhail S1 year ago

There is no vote option!

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Plyashe1 year ago

Hey! Once upon a time in Sylenth1, I've been making incredible sound, now only Serum!
Good Work, Bro ;)

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Phantumbra1 year ago

Nice mix man!! I reposted on SC keep up the good work! :)

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Madj1 year ago


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Lil Rayon
Lil Rayon1 year ago

I like this track! Very upbeat, and perfect for summer!

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Harwok1 year ago

voted good job

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Dj Mb95
Dj Mb951 year ago

That remix is original, voted
Thank you for the support man

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Norмan1 year ago

Nice bro, very nice!

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