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Yeach3 months ago

Nice track !
You have my vote !
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TeiX Music
TeiX Music3 months ago

Nice VOTED ! 
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Thanks !

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Maly3 months ago

Chill... I like it!

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Wild Heart
Wild Heart3 months ago


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Chelle Martin
Chelle Martin3 months ago

Excellent sounds, nicely done mate. Voted! Please have a listen and vote for my track remix "It's All Love". Thank you kindly.

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R E V E N3 months ago

Great track mate got my vote!
Please can you listen to my Remix of Jordan Tariff's Warning Shot and give it a vote and some feedback if you like!!
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NYKOLUKE3 months ago

Light nice drop voted! Please listen and vote for my new track ,thanks.

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Maschera Franck
Maschera Franck3 months ago

Please listen and vote my last work entitled 90 60 90
Thanks you!!!!

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Joep Mens
Joep Mens3 months ago

wow such a chill track!

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Allan Rockwell
Allan Rockwell3 months ago

Nice Track Dayfox, I voted for you. Can you vote back on my new Track "California" i helps me out a lot. Cheers!

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Liicka3 months ago

I made the best remix sooooo far!___

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Vedi3 months ago

Hey, voted! This sounds really good. I like it! :)

Check also my track and vote for me! It would be a big honour! :)

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ARK.3 months ago

Future bass vibes!
Check out my track and vote back

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KooZ3 months ago

Very good song you've made love the vocals and the chops melody in the drop. Voted! Please Vote for my new remix Higher Dimension. Thanks!

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DIONESIUM3 months ago

hi there,
If you want an extra vote...
1)vote for may latest track tropical vibes
2)comment to let me know
3)ill vote back in a bit : )
thanks a lot,
hope to see you at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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X153 months ago

Voted ;)
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If u like it ... please vote for me 🙏


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Panatema Ed Johnson

that was great!please just listen to my last song till the end of it...

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No Sleep Club
No Sleep Club3 months ago

hi dayfox!
doope track we love it! :) voted and keep it up!
check out our new work, called 'amaterasu'! :)

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P.B4 months ago

Listen to my new song Club Nights and vote for it, if you like it.
I made this song for the clubs.
Say what you think!!!!

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John visión x
John visión x4 months ago

wow good job, you have my vote. Please vote for my new '' Omega '' Thank you and good luck! ;)

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