This is my last track "I Feel". I hope u like it and support it. Enjoy!


Thatboikennedy3 months ago

My name is kennedy
I really liked your music and I voted for it.
if it's not hard for you to go to my soundcloud
and listen to my new track and leave your opinion about it
still you subscribe to me on the soundcloud and i will subscribe to you on the soundcloud
you can write me a letter in the soundcloud and offer cooperation I would not mind making a colab with you
thank you in advance

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SYSTEM KIDS3 months ago

We enjoyed this track! Has got our vote! If you have a minute feel free to check out one of most recent releases, Pyramids (SYSTEM KIDS Flip) & give it a vote! We wish you nothing but the best moving forward, SYSTEM KIDS

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Cassart3 months ago

Awesome !
Good luck !

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD3 months ago

Nice work friend, you got a vote from me!

My latest single "Young Love (feat. Lenny B)" features vocals from the incredible Jared Mitchell. With previous support from a host of international players this song is one of my best tracks to date: combining elevating synths, driving kicks, and uplifting vocals, I hope that this track will set dance floors on fire!

Would love a follow on Soundcloud as well. And I'm always looking for remixers. HMU on Soundcloud if interested!

Thanks for listening --- J-Rob MD

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Dassska3 months ago

Nice! Voted!

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XQ6R3 months ago

I voted!
Can you please vote back????

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Dyeresis3 months ago

nice !!!! <3

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AFDIFIYEN3 months ago

me gusta vota por mi

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×Björn×3 months ago

Wow! Spinnin answer you

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DJ REWIND3 months ago

This is a great track ! Genuinely voted for your track! Please take time to vote for my track Lonely !

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JULIAN KNOXX3 months ago

Nice record!

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JG´ X3 months ago

Super Amazing track ¡¡¡¡¡
since one produces with enthusiasm and effort, here I leave my new work (Away), if you like to listen and give me I'll thank you for your support, good luck and good vibes!

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Callen3 months ago

Someones arm is going to fall off fist puming to this

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Richords3 months ago

Good work on sound design! Voted. May I kindly ask to provide feedback on my track "Harmony" as you are more ahead than me. :)

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Easie Cannon
Easie Cannon3 months ago

YOOO this is fire bro. 😉👍
I Vote 4 you my Friend. 😎
Support me back on this Track "Fake or Real " and give me a Comment. 🎧💯😀
Good Luck in the Talentpool !! ✌

#Easie Cannon,

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Lanhellas Gabe
Lanhellas Gabe3 months ago

I love it Hi Noise!
Please, can u VOTE back in my Track = "MIRAI"? ;)
All the Best and Thanks. =D

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Avrixo3 months ago

love it

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Latinio Music
Latinio Music3 months ago

I Feel this track !!! very good vibe :P

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Jonas Eb
Jonas Eb3 months ago

wow!! sick sound and Drop! Voted

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JoelMusix3 months ago

sick dude, voted!! plz check out my track "colorless" pace!!

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