Lost Trail

Halstein vertex

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No Promises
No Promises7 months ago

The mix is pretty empty, try using ambient sounds to fix that in the background of the mix or using SPAN to find out which frequencies are missing and fill them up. I feel like those snares in the drop don't fit too well, trying finding a more suited sample. The lead in the break is way tooooooo in front. The leads could also be processed better or maybe it's that the master is over compressed. Hope this helped!
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P.B7 months ago

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Arkadiusz Van Born
Arkadiusz Van Born7 months ago

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JCTR7 months ago

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Maschera Franck
Maschera Franck7 months ago

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DaCrazyFish7 months ago

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BeatMaster Slim
BeatMaster Slim7 months ago

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Liicka7 months ago

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Aub Ansari
Aub Ansari7 months ago

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SlvmpyCr√ľz7 months ago

G This is a good track.

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NuVo7 months ago


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X157 months ago

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PENNYDROP7 months ago

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Annihilation7 months ago

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Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala7 months ago

v o t e d !

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Hoffmnn7 months ago

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NuVo7 months ago

love it

amazing track, great production.

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NuVo7 months ago

now your batting with the pro's!!!!!

Now thats how its done
cue applause

WOW!!! simply wow

To call this sweet would be an injustice.
Hmm how about breathtaking
yep lets go with breathtaking !!!!!!!!!!!

amazing track, great production.

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Mrfleamino7 months ago

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Dj Mb95
Dj Mb957 months ago


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