This is my new Future Bounce track "Wild Animals". I hope you like it.


ZETRYJEN1 year ago

cool future bounce, voted. vote back for my last track "Northern Lights" i tried very hard

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DOOM1N1 year ago

Amazing song! Vote for vote??????

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OfficialMovi1 year ago

Hey. I hope you can listen to my new track "Enjoy". I had put a lot of work into it so your vote would be amazing

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Smithymusic1 year ago

Hi! I think you produce great music and I like your track! So I dropped a Vote to support you !
It would be great if you could also check out my new track "Forever" and vote back.
Thank you and good luck!

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R0FEU1 year ago

Interesting track, the general composition is on point and the progression is really well underlined by the beat and instruments, , I just love the beginning, the synth/pluck gives a nice rythm to the whole track, although I have to say that the drop isnt slightly disappointing, because the actual drop isnt bad at all, its just that I feel that its not powerful enough, maybe make the rythm more complex, or accentuat the upcoming drop by having a fast passed melody that wins in volume. Hope I wasnt too negative and I wish you good luck for the future ;)

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Peter Pinehiller

WVoted!vote back my NEVER LETTING GO! Thanks!

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B!TER1 year ago

Kronous, I enjoyed listening to this and you definitely got my vote! Overall the quality was pretty great! Well done on the mixing and keep em coming! If you could check out my mix "Trap Bitch" and provide me some feedback that would be dope! I hope to see you in the top with me!

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