Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 10 months ago

Awesome! You might wanna add the 'memories will fade away' melody at 1:06. Perhaps you can use high 808 toms with a little reverb for that. Great job so far, you've got your vote!

Score: 8
Christopher Damas
Christopher Damas10 months ago

Hi, Spinnin' :) Thanks ;)

Score: 1
Lukas Loechert
Lukas Loechert9 months ago

Great track.
Keep it up.
You have my vote.
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JULIAN KNOXX9 months ago

Sounds really good!

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ishaanytt9 months ago

whats up guys check out my latest track and like or comment and I will definitely do the same for your tracks :)ii

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EMILIANODS9 months ago

Heyyy CHRISTOPHER DAMAS this is a very good track I liked completely should be in the first place !!!! You have my vote. Please, if you have time, go to my profile and check my last track hills !! I hope you like it and if you can leave your vote !! Good vibes!!!

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FERLOARG9 months ago

Hi. voted for you,voted back mi new track WTF! Thanks!

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Révïeux9 months ago

sick drop bro love it, you're an inspiration for us all! keep rising! also check out my new track 'bounce' hope you enjoy, thanks and good luck!

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic9 months ago

great take my vote and good luck cd

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Vedi9 months ago

Hey! I really like your track!
Check my track "Pharaoh" and vote for it! It would be very nice :)!!

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BarakMaxfire9 months ago

Hey Christopher! Just liked the track good job! Would you check out mine and leave a like if you loved it? Thank you and good luck!

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TVDB9 months ago

Nice track, voted!

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Hope you will like it :)

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UNEK9 months ago

ALL who read it. Fucking awesome my new YETI is online. Please, feel free to listen and download form soundclound, check my Istagram if you what too your life more exciting :D If you want to earn an extra vote, you can vote in the talent pool. I always gives vote back so this is a great opportunity. Have a nice fucking day !:)!

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kalpanamusic9 months ago

Hi love ur track it's amazing voted can you check out our track hands up too let me know what you think about it

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Silvius9 months ago

Ehi great track bro voted!
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Thanks a lot :D

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Sphinx9 months ago

Really nice work bro! Voted! (Please check out my track 'No Going Back Ft. Oliviya Nicole)

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Bruno Rukavina ✪
Bruno Rukavina ✪9 months ago

Wow,sounds amazing,voted!!

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Baang9 months ago

I love the drop! Brings some Future House vibes! I made a new Future House song if you could have a listen and vote if you like it! <3

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Angelo Pic
Angelo Pic9 months ago

Great track!
Voted and supported!
Please listen and voted my remix Madison Mars-Mirai!
Thank you!
Good luck!

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PENNYDROP9 months ago

nice song bro! voted for you! Can you check my song higher frequencies :) peace :)

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The Valley of Music

Nice Track! Voted!

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