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Jake & Kellini
Jake & Kellini7 months ago

Nice Vibes !!
Voted ☝️
Check our track BRO out and Vote if you feel the base ! 🎉👑☝️💣💣

All the best from us 💚

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TOBIE TRENT7 months ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “Touch”.
Good luck

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Headplay7 months ago

Good work voted

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H.A.R.D.I.E.7 months ago

Hello, how are you ?, excellent track,

I loved it and I voted for you, your style is great,

you really deserve to be on this label, good luck,

I would like you to take a moment to listen and vote for

my track called Happiness,

Thank you

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Nomis.K7 months ago

Good Job !
Do YOU dig the Lithuania HQ vibe ?
Do YOU like it when your car speakers are blasting full/fat Bass at you ?
Then you should check out my newest Remix "WHY DID YOU RUN" .

Take care and have a great day 🤙🏽💭

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kra4os7 months ago

wooooooooow! voted! can you help me with my track DEMONIOS?

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DJ J3RWIN7 months ago

I voted for you track.
and vote back on my new track "Protocol".

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BShant8 months ago

Hello my friend!
I liked it!
If you can please vote back to my track (Paris) and comment your opinion about the track for me :)) , it would be great!!

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Stolen Shine
Stolen Shine8 months ago

Voted Have you heard ‘Crash & Burn (Original Mix)’ by Stolen Shine. This Song Is Fire🔥🔥🔥..

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WANC8 months ago

Here is my nothing
Go learn some harmonys man, Spinin wont love that...

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When Lightning Strikes (W.⚡.S)⚡︿⚡

Voted Vote back on latest track!!1

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WANC8 months ago

Just, go and
and dont
dont do funny things

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MOUNT EVRST8 months ago

Good Work! Awesome Track!...I voted for you.
It would be nice if you could do the same and vote back on my Track “Paranox - Bari Barsi (Mount Evrst Remix)”.
Good luck...!!!

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_marvmusic8 months ago

DOPEE checkout my sc if you get a chance!

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RAmoonDrewball8 months ago

Voted, please vote back.,

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z3ntmusic8 months ago

sick track

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DOOM1N8 months ago

Amazing song!!
Vote for vote????????:

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Far Hytex
Far Hytex8 months ago

😉 Good job! I like when artist doesn't stop and go to his/her dream. Our common goal is developin' music. We do it every day, listenin', makin', analysin' some tracks, imaginin' new ideas. Thanks to everybody, who make us create and play music, who inspired us don't waste our time.

▶✉ Text me in SoundCloud - we can share our XP and help to each other to reach success. Voted!🔥

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Stolen Shine
Stolen Shine8 months ago

Voted Have you heard ‘Crash & Burn (Original Mix)’ by Stolen Shine. This Song Is Fire🔥🔥🔥

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Veronika River
Veronika River8 months ago

Nice piano and beat! Hope you can take a listen to my new remix of bad guy as well! Sending love from Los Angeles!

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EferJet8 months ago

Hey Mind!
There is a music which can be listen over and over again, I think this is one of them!
So really nice work - you got my vote :)
Keep it up, man!
If you got a sec, check out my new track "Be Alright", let me know what you think!

Leaving you a vote!
Good luck, I hope to hear more of you!

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