FREE DOWNLOAD: WOW. When we first heard this track from Cheat Codes, on the way to our studio, we forgot everything around us and immediately started working on this remix. Having a break of music for about 4 months this will be our restart of Moilatch and introducing to the new era. We hope you love this track as much as we do !❤ - Moilatch (Skuth & Mark) - We'd love to promo this ! - "Trap Step Network" MOILATCH: Moilatch: Spotify: sptfy

ReyMod.com1 year ago

congratulations,for being up!!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, I admit your work! I hope you do not forget to listen to my jobs!

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this is really cool i like it, definitely voted. can you please vote back for my track Stand Up if you like it aswell ?

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ELM71 year ago

I vote for you, great song! please vote on my remix "Mirai"
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.Eielt1 year ago

Voted,hope you can vote back qw1

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Lukas Loechert
Lukas Loechert1 year ago

Great track.
Keep it up.
You have my vote.
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jakecoxy11 year ago

this is amazing! you are the next up!!!!!! Check me out and lets support each other!!!!!

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Lanhellas Gabe
Lanhellas Gabe1 year ago

Nice Remix Moilatch!
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All the Best and Thanks ;)

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P.B1 year ago

Voted for you!
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I made this song for the special moments
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Sultanberkaliev1 year ago

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Erik Kührmann
Erik Kührmann1 year ago

Hey, awesome remix! Keep this great work up, love it! I voted for you!
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Meedoe1 year ago

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Dj Fuelbass
Dj Fuelbass1 year ago

Voted. Great Remix. Please check out and vote/ comment for my new remix to "Madison Mars - Mirai". Thanks in advance.

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Carlo Bari
Carlo Bari1 year ago

...damn! pretty intensive track ! U got my vote ... maybe could be more accurate with the EQing on midrange the way nice one !! vote it!
and if u have time listen to my CONTEST track PVSSY and give me you opinion and vote for it! good luck

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Alex Kase
Alex Kase1 year ago

HEY MOILATCH ,I don't make fake comments so I REALLY VOTED YOUR TRACK!! Write me on SOUNDCLOUD for a COLLAB!!
I would be happy to havea feedback on my last track, and if you like it maybe vote me back!! THANK YOU!! =)

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Ayden Carswell
Ayden Carswell1 year ago

great track,I voted.
If you have time,hope you can listen and vote to my new track,thanks!

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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos1 year ago

coomate .... VOTED for you! Check me out also ..

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KASTOMARIN1 year ago

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Blisstek1 year ago

Hi Moilatch !! I have just voted and listened to your track !!
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