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Suhail S
Suhail S1 year ago

Nice groove mate. Voted :)

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D.J. Love
D.J. Love1 year ago

Sounds amazing dude what a crisp refined sound well done!!!!
Thanks for the support on 'Clear Water'

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ØNE1 year ago

dude the mix is amazing voted! Can you also vote on my track please?xcbt

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Muhammad Aqib Jamil

Good one!

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic1 year ago

very good keep on take my vote and good luck na

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ITSDJJFLOW1 year ago

Yoo such a sick track mann, loving the funky vibes in the track itself!!!! Voted, if you can vote for my latest remix i did for Vintage Culture and Adam K called Save Me it would be awesome, thank you very much keep up the good woork!!!!!

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Petit A
Petit A1 year ago

Great work on the production! I voted!

Also, check out my remix of ”Overrated” by Eauxmar!:):)

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PUREVIL1 year ago

Had fun listening to this ! All the sounds flow together really well! Voted! !

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FLR1 year ago

nice track, voted :)

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Wavejackers1 year ago

Wow Nice track bro. I like it bruhhh. I voted for you, please vote for we new remix "Children Of Today Remix".

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Yellowjzard1 year ago

voted bro!

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Hearty  'N  Everythings

Hey Nice track I voted it! ..././

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DJ Gaspard Olivier

wow amazing track dud voted

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Dizzy Pordovic
Dizzy Pordovic1 year ago

Nice track, keep it up! I voted for you!
Would you like to vote back for my track "Horizons"?,

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Anton Elsner
Anton Elsner1 year ago

very good! voted 4 u.

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Persz1 year ago

Loved this song, voted!

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Nick Sad
Nick Sad1 year ago

The song is fantastic you have my vote but you too vote for my new track Light

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DIONESIUM1 year ago

voted for you...

pls vote back thanks : )

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music1 year ago

Hey, Nik! Voted for your amazing track! I don't have a track in the pool right now so no need to vote back :)

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DARI1 year ago

Really funky! Nice vibes :) Voted! I would consider this for my spotify playlist

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