A few words about this track: there is no big and complex musical harmony, there is no text with a hidden meaning, there are no epic pianos, violins and other instruments affecting the listener. All that is in this track is pure drive, uncontrolled energy. I wanted to write a track that shows what it is like to be a rebel, how it is to be young. Here is a pure EDM, complete freedom, True Love. Follow me at: https://soundcloud.com/elizaveta-vladi


Peterson Mendes
Peterson Mendes29 days ago

hey bro that's good! I voted and hope you vote again for my track (wake up)...

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RandyMan!1 month ago

I'm Not looking for a vote from you..I voted for you not only because of this song but because of your overall talent!!!! I am left in True love....really...…..RandyMAN!

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xxx453465y57474 months ago

Elizaveta All Time go Up ;) Voted!

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Priyanku Rahang
Priyanku Rahang4 months ago

Wanna collab?

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EmR3mP4 months ago

Nice 👍 I vote for you, also thanks for the vote

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siddaaxx4 months ago

very good and melodious. nice work keep it up 👍👌 can you plz listen to mine one its also amazing track like yours.....

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BrotherCharles5 months ago


Great work. Voted.

If you do have the time, please check out my track release "RHYMING SUNSHINE".

Thank you again.

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Merl5 months ago

Reallyyyy nice track 👍
Feel free to listen to my remix of "Who's got your love" and tell me what you think. 😌

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Henry Hertz
Henry Hertz5 months ago


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EnergyWolf5 months ago

Great Track I like it😀
and you get my vote😀
But vote me back EnergyWolf ft Paris ft Simon Get back

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Slwyer5 months ago

Woooow that's a coooool track!!!!!

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John visión x
John visión x5 months ago

wow good job, you have my vote. Please vote for my '' Evolution '' the TUJAMO contest Thank you and good luck!

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Dmitrii Stucalschi
Dmitrii Stucalschi5 months ago

My name is Dmitrii Stucalschi
I listened to your track and I really liked it
I voted for it
I would like to do a joint track with you
Email me at Soundcloud if you are interested
If you want we can make a mutual subscription
Subscribe on my Soundcloud or Youtube and I Subscribe your soundcloud or Youtube
You can also listen to my last track "Late now"
and leave your opinion in the comments on my page Soundcloud or Youtube
it is very important for me

Thank you in advance

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Sylvaino5 months ago

This is a really cool job, voted!
Please vote back for my track Out of Control. Thanks and good luck!

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Antonio Jesús Martínez

Fantastic song here

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SYSTEM KIDS6 months ago

We really enjoyed this track! Has got our vote! If you have a minute check out our newest remix of UCLA by RL Grime & give it a vote! We wish you nothing but the best moving forward, SYSTEM KIDS

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SlvmpyCrüz6 months ago


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Trackalyst6 months ago

Awesome energi. You have my vote! Would be awesome if you could vote back and comment what you think on my latest track "Taste of you"! Good luck!

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ALEX706 months ago

VOTE X VOTE...Voted for you !!! Give a vote back on my track "BANG" please...

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Vedi6 months ago

Hey guys! :) Have a look at my new track "Bad Karma" in which I put many hours and a lot of work! It's a nice Big Room Track ;) Tell me if you like it!!!

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