A few words about this track: there is no big and complex musical harmony, there is no text with a hidden meaning, there are no epic pianos, violins and other instruments affecting the listener. All that is in this track is pure drive, uncontrolled energy. I wanted to write a track that shows what it is like to be a rebel, how it is to be young. Here is a pure EDM, complete freedom, True Love. Follow me at: https://soundcloud.com/elizaveta-vladi


TeenageBuddha8 months ago

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-SPECTRICK-LEAD-8 months ago

its one a big track .voted.

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TONIC@BIT8 months ago

очень чисто и мне это нравится голосую

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REFLEXION758 months ago

Привет дорогой друг твой трек достойный уважения и моего голоса и я это делаю я делаю маленький но полезный вклад что бы помочь тебе

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Dj Angelos Zgaras
Dj Angelos Zgaras8 months ago

Very Nice! Voted Elizaveta!

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Ayden Carswell
Ayden Carswell8 months ago

great track,voted.

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ALEX708 months ago

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Creajum8 months ago

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John visión x
John visión x8 months ago

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The Astromus
The Astromus8 months ago

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AfterChain8 months ago

Sick production!

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I3VAX8 months ago

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dreamrecord8 months ago

good song !

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Sunny Syndicate
Sunny Syndicate8 months ago

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delarosa8 months ago

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S.O.F8 months ago

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Hardphol8 months ago

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