I listened Blasterjaxx for a long time and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to remix one of their tracks c:


Merl8 months ago

Nice track 👍
Feel free to listen to my remix of "Who's got your love" and tell me what you think. 😌

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Blisstek8 months ago

Hi Creajum !
Please do check out 'Hit The Bass'

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FLR9 months ago

nice work :)

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Khristian Alpha
Khristian Alpha9 months ago


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GFE ultra
GFE ultra9 months ago

Very good work on it!! You have my vote & support!!!

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Nullfier9 months ago

nice i like this, pls check my last track!!

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Dj Mb95
Dj Mb959 months ago

Voted back

Thank you for support my last track 👍👍

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Maish9 months ago

Amazing remix :)
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Follow @_maishmusic_ on instagram :)

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John Payton
John Payton9 months ago

Amazing track *-* You have my vote🔥 hope for a vote back ;)🔥

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DawiTSTep▶9 months ago

Please vote for my new track " SORRY " . Thank you. Have a nice day.


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Jens Soderlund
Jens Soderlund9 months ago

Creajum, Hi, Bro))) I listened more remixes on the Blasterjaxx, but your remix I like so much that others!!!))) Voted for it!!!))) Keep this dymanic work!!!_)))

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MustaOri9 months ago


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Zaaahiiid_9 months ago

How did you manage the copyright issue ?

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EnergyWolf9 months ago

Voted back😀😀

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DavyyyyG9 months ago

Nice remix I voted!

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S.O.F9 months ago

I like remix, good work ! Full support!!!

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Stöen Music
Stöen Music9 months ago

Awesome remix, great work!

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Alan Richards
Alan Richards9 months ago

My support!

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EnergyWolf9 months ago

Voted back😀

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cman  beats
cman beats9 months ago

this is fire right here thanks for the vote and support u have my vote thanks again

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