Hello there, I really love to present you my Remix from "Children of Today". With this Remix, I tried to keep the vibes from the original track, and transfer it from Progressive House, to Bigroom-Trance. Thank you all for listening, vote and share if you like it! - Leo (Ragunde)


DawiT▶1 year ago

Please vote for my new track " SORRY " . Thank you. Have a nice day.


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RVNS music1 year ago

Sick remix man! Can you check out my festival remix of Children of today please? Would really appreciate it!

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itz_fabiii1 year ago

love this track!

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JGreme1 year ago

Love the energy in that one! Definitely the best remix! Gonna support that one!

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Yeah, definitely!

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kannkux1 year ago

awesome track!

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OLB1 year ago

Hey Ragunde,
Congrats for making it to the top.
I really like your 'Children Of Today' remix!
If you need help, feedback or something else...
just leave me a follow on soundcloud and hit me up!
All the best,

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Tagenta_Music1 year ago

The rising synth in the beginning is really epic, would you let me know how you made it? I would appreciate if you could check out my remix aswell and maybe give me some advice?

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Luker1 year ago


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XORAN1 year ago


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hermoso track donde lo puedo descargar?

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Cîrokk1 year ago

Hey Ragunde! really cool work you´ve done, you have my vote!, Hope you can check my remix too, I will really like to know your opinion about it! 💪🎵

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Kytion1 year ago

Congratulations! Crazy Remix

Are you check and vote my new track "Blasterjaxx - Children Of Today (Kytion Remix)" ?

Thank you.

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dabeeX1 year ago

voted its cool..plz vote my remix (million lights)

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HVZELNUT!1 year ago

wait.... oh god, damn this is nice vibes, u must in top 10 bro n u got my voted. i dont believe it
can you check my track? "MILLION LIGHTS REMIX" I am PROUD if you visit my track, n "CHILDREN OF TODAY".
best wishes and goodluck :),.

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DerinRDS1 year ago

Hey buddy,, your music's great. If I ask you, do you vote "Children of Today" Remix? Thank you. :))))))

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ALEX701 year ago

Amazing track! Voted!!! Please check my last track "BANG",in TALENT POOL and vote back for me......

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Mr.Leo1 year ago

Cool, voted, please vote mu remix Million Lights)

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Excellent work! Loved that and I'll give you my full support!
- R3burned

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OLLY BRYANXX1 year ago

good job friend 👍 good song, you have my support and vote. You can support me in my remix of blasterjaxx- children of today (dj bryanxx) thanks 👍

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Hakan Öncü
Hakan Öncü1 year ago

Hey , Excellent work ! Congratulations !

Are you check and vote my new track "Blasterjaxx - Children Of Today (Hakan Öncü Remix)" ?

Thank you..

Good Luck :)

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