My new Single: ERNOMS - Lion


SlvmpyCrüz6 months ago

C good track best ive heard so far!

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PHILIPƎE6 months ago

Hi, Ernoms, finally some quality producer here ! Great EDM track, loved the sharp synths, banger ! My fav part is from 1:50 when turned it into melodic. Mixing also sounds very smooth. VOTED ! Lets support each other, vote 4 my dance/house song SAVE ME feat . Mcisar in my profile and let me know how you like it ;)
Thanks !

PS- I dont write fake comments, I listen to every song I vote and giving true feedbacks <3

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Geeyo Ibra
Geeyo Ibra6 months ago

Cool track! it would be great if you could listen to my latest track and vote too.

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Somixez7 months ago

Hello ERNOMS! Amazing track! Voted and followed!). Please cheack my last track "Melbourne Drop", thanks!)

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edmbyaxel7 months ago

great song!👌

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FLR7 months ago

wow i like the lead in the drop, voted :)

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Oliver Jensen
Oliver Jensen7 months ago

Nice track, I really like your sound design on this one, keep it up! I voted for you !
Would you like to vote back for my track "Glitch"? It would help a lot. Thank you! Good luck!

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Løuable7 months ago

rtHey man,
I really enjoyed this track you made. I love the vibe, could still use some tweaks in the midranges but still very nice :). Worth the vote.
I'd apreciate it if you took a look at my latest track (Tonight) aswell and leave some feedback + a Vote, since we are all in the same boat here ;).

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Dizzy Pordovic
Dizzy Pordovic7 months ago

Nice track, . I liked it and voted. Love the soul in this track! Nice work.
however, I would appreciate if you checked out my latest track, "The Golden Army"!!!

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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies7 months ago


Please, check my song "Tangoliath" and, if you like it, give me your vote.

Thank you so much! ;-)

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Somixez7 months ago

Hello ERNOMS! Amazing track! Voted and followed!). Please cheack my last track "Melbourne Drop", thanks!)

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Jayanth ak
Jayanth ak7 months ago

Very original sound can you take a listen to my track here we go and let me at u think about it

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Beauregard Carrington

Hello ERNOMS! Good track voted! Please vote if you like my new track “Moonlight”
I would be glad if you sent me support.

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DawiTSTep7 months ago

I LIKED IT ! Also. followed to your channel! Please vote for my tracks, choice with one you like the most . Thank you . Have a nice day

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HVZELNUT!7 months ago

wait.... oh god, damn this is great vibes, u must in top 10 bro n u got my voted. i dont believe it
can you check my track? "MILLION LIGHTS REMIX" I am PROUD if you visit my track, n "PEGASUS"
best wishes and goodluck :) broh

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42Bears7 months ago

Definitely follow the development.

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Bruno Rukavina
Bruno Rukavina7 months ago


Nice, I love this one! You really did a great job!
VOTED, definitely deserved it. Can’t wait to hear more from you!
You can check out my new track “NIKKA” and give a vote to it if you like it!
Also you can follow my SoundCloud, I'll follow back!

Thumbs up, and good luck, Ernoms!


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MUTUAL FRIEND7 months ago

Really enjoyed your sounds :) Track sounds really good. I voted/liked your track to help your song move higher in the charts. If you get a chance if you could give my single a listen " Climax" and if you enjoyed my vibe I would truly appreciate a like/vote as each one is important to me.
Lets help eachother move up in the charts :)
All the best

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LadyQBebe7 months ago

Already voted!!

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Maschera Franck
Maschera Franck7 months ago

Please listen and vote my last work AIR (FLATULENCE VERSION)
Thanks you and good luck!

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