Hotwoodz4 years ago

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Walt Adeus4 years ago

Really good! Love it! Definitely worth voting! Keep up the good work and follow your dreams! It would be really cool if ou could support me back with my latest track! Thanks and Good luck!

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DC.4 years ago

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Naoki P
Naoki P4 years ago

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Broken Mirror
Broken Mirror4 years ago

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Mario Vido
Mario Vido4 years ago

Voted!!!!  Mario Vidal - PanFlute (Original Mix) If you vote me comment in my track and i will vote you back

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Leo (Klevis & Leo)

Nice! Voted! Check the new version of our track and vote if you like it  Klevis & Leo - Eagle (Original Mix) (Vers. Spinnin)

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Andrew Riddle
Andrew Riddle4 years ago

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C4to4 years ago

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dazzdarsh4 years ago

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ilmigue4 years ago

Everybody just spam here. I challenge you to listen to  Embers for atleast 20 seconds, vote if you like it and comment if you want and I WILL LISTEN to EVERY (not fake voters) track and comment it back! <3

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YOMEH4 years ago

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Lukrembo4 years ago

This is amazing track! I voted. Please check out my new track and give me your opinion. Vote for me!  Precipice (Original mix)

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Max Ferro
Max Ferro4 years ago

Voted! Awesome sound and nice idea! Please vote for me)  Memories (Original Mix)

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dj.Kom4 years ago

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Hard Bass4 years ago

Nice and well produced track. Great job though, voted for me and I will vote for you! Please vote for this Podcast:  Podcast #01

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MarkD4 years ago

Voted, if you want please vote back Good Luck MarkD  MarkD - ID (Original Mix) "Preview"

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Deleted 111111
Deleted 1111114 years ago

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The One Official
The One Official4 years ago

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