Bobby Sanotra

Hey people, I made a track with a style of Dance/EDM and add a little bit mine Flavour in it, hope you like it ... :)


TeiX Music
TeiX Music7 months ago


Nice one, I love it so much! You got my support!

Can you listen to my new Progressive House remix of VARGENTA & Somero « Quietly »?

I would be very grateful if you can listen it, im interested in your opinion!

Have a nice day,

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Freackxy7 months ago

reminds me of the Shamans and witchcraft dancing around the fire after finally winning a victory against the enemy tribe. Good joob.

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Freackxy7 months ago

I like the sound of this track. Good work! Voted. Please check my latest track too, Close to Love.

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Yako Beatz
Yako Beatz7 months ago

Hey! Nice Job ) VOTED!)) Please Vote Back My Last Track: Bad Rabbit - Dance On The Drop+++++++

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fsfsdf7 months ago

Hi. Wish you the best. Let's help each other & climb to the top. You have my vote. Check out also my remix of Billie Eilish - Bury A Friend and if you want vote me back. Thank you very much my friend.....

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JULEN LARRA7 months ago

nice idea! try to work more on your sounds tho! VOTED!!! Check my last track and let me know if you like <3 Vote 4 Vote? <3

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MAHDI7 months ago

Very good, Voted, Give the voted back

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Unknown3213217 months ago

Nice song!!!w

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EnergyWolf7 months ago

Great Track I like it😀
and you get my vote😀
But vote me back EnergyWolf ft Paris ft Simon Get back

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic7 months ago

very good keep on take my vote bs

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IbozSuman7 months ago

awesome track and voted you. hopefully you will do the same just check my new track called -bozSuman-Summer CHiLL ITS UP TO YOU IF YOU support my new track..thanks mate and goodluck...!,.,.

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Unknown3213217 months ago

What a nice track!x

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Bruno Rukavina
Bruno Rukavina7 months ago


Nice, I love this one! You really did a great job!
VOTED, definitely deserved it. Can’t wait to hear more from you!
You can check out my new track “DON'T GIVE UP” and give a vote to it if you like it!
Also you can follow my SoundCloud, I'll follow back!

Thumbs up, and good luck, Bobby!


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Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies7 months ago

Hi, I voted for you!!!!

Please, check my track "Tangoliath" (which I've re-uploaded for Tujamo contest) and, if you like it, give me your vote.

Thank you so much! ;-)

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M.K.7 months ago

Hi, good work! I love it. Definitely voted! Please, check my latest tracks and if you like it vote. Cheers!!

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djfuriouss7 months ago

Hey man! I am loving this track, and It definitely got my vote! May you please vote for my track "Young Summer"?

Thanks bro.

Good luck.

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LAFAYETTE ✪7 months ago

this is really cool i like it and voted. can you please vote back for my track "Koa" if you like it aswell ?

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Nеko7 months ago

Great Job!
Supported &voted.
Please vote back on my new track "Together".
Thanks and good luck!

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Lusitany7 months ago

Amazing track! 👍👍👍👍👍 Awesome style sound! 👍👍👍👍👍 Excellent! good energy!
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Thanks, good luck!

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.Eielt7 months ago

Voted,hope you can vote back s1

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