Hey guys.. Long time no release.. Now im release this old track that i made with vocal from one of my friend M. E.


LAFAYETTE ✪10 months ago

this is really cool i like it and voted. can you please vote back for my track "Koa" if you like it aswell ?

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D3ARD4N10 months ago

Please listen to my track HANDS UP
And vote if you like it

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Hakan Öncü
Hakan Öncü10 months ago

Hey , Great Job ! Congratulations !

Are you check and vote my new track "Hakan Öncü - Deep Breath" ?

Thank you..

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Juan Esteban Duk3 ☑️

Hello CLEOZIP❤, I Want To Tell You That This Song I Loved A Lot And I Voted💌 For It👍, I Like The Presence Of The Bass And The Part Of The Synthesizers, Without A Doubt You Are My Friend. 👍

You Have All My Support🎁🎀🎗, I've Already Started To Follow You, I Hope You Do Too.

If I Can Help You With Something, Let Me Know And Count On Me. 🎉🎊

I Just Wanted To Ask You For Help With My Song (Who´s Got Your Love), You Can Vote For Her If You Want And If You Think She Deserves It
Esteban Duk3.✔

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Titas Basak
Titas Basak10 months ago

Good Work! Awesome Track!
Keep on going what you do!
Just take a second and share some love for my track "Step Back"
Thank You So Much .

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Dave Max
Dave Max10 months ago

Heeeeey!!! High quality track, really love it, also the mix is really good sooo i voted it!!! Of course if you want to listen to my new track it would be amazing...I would like to have an opinion from you so...check out my profile!!!!y

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Icaro Ricci
Icaro Ricci10 months ago

CLEOZIP, nice track man! I really like the vibe of it! If you’d like to go check out my last track “Pregame”.
Good job, keep working like you’re doing!

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Ta9-510 months ago


I feel completeness and safety in your sound.
I guess I'll have to learn it.

If possible, would you vote for my last track "Moombah-Step"?


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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos10 months ago

👍.. .supported... VOTED for you! Check me out also ...cheers!!

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Lusitany10 months ago

Amazing track! 👍👍👍👍👍 Awesome vocal sound! 👍👍👍👍👍 Brilliant! good energy!
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Thanks, good luck!

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Duplex Bassline
Duplex Bassline10 months ago

Great Song!🔥 Voted for sure!✅
Let's support each other and vote for my latest Song "Nightlife" as well❤️️

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Yaksha10 months ago

WOW!! Awesome track. Love it. Voted!!!
Please check my new remix of "Zombie" by the Cranberries and vote if you like it...

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Placid Music
Placid Music10 months ago

Hi Cleozip,

sound really good, amazing track! voted!

Keep up that good work.

If you'd like to, you can check out my new track "Welcome Back" and give me your vote or/and feedback.

Best Regards and stay tuned.


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XRC10 months ago

Hey man, im trying to go through everyone's tracks and give some solid feedback so you can improve and get better at producing but first of all, i just wana say that i loved your track as it was very unique and the melody was so catchy and overall just fantastic and i will defiantly vote for this (check supported tracks).

I found myself humming the melody after listening! I can tell that if you keep working hard, you will make it one day!

The only thing i can say you need to work on is to make your kicks more hard hitting as they were a bit to soft and also try and add some sounds that fill out the middle end of the eq at the drop as it was a bit to bright but other than that, amazing track.

I was also wondering if you could check out my new remix for whos got your love and maybe you could vote for it as tha t would be a huge help. Thanks!

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Hibs10 months ago

Nice one mate, just voted !

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ReyMod.com10 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Hey cool track bro loved it vote!, Please vote for my last track bro and please follow me and visit my web reymod . com, we will be in contact

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Susomix10 months ago

Hello, Good job nice track
I gave you my vote.
Good luck in your ranking
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest tracks.
"Like The Rain In Summer Day"
"Touch My Body"
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote.
Thank you very much for your support....👍

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