My remix of this great track


Allan Rockwell
Allan Rockwell8 months ago

Nice Track Delarosa, I dropped a vote. If you can vote back on my new Track "Allan Rockwell - Selfish Remix" that would help a lot, thx.

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Kuriibo8 months ago

Excelente!!!!!!!!!!!! Me encanto!!!! Tienes mi VOTO y un SEGUIDOR nuevo!!!! Escucha mis temas Dancer y Blank Mind y dame tu opinion!!!!!

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MAHDI8 months ago

Very good , Voted , Give the voted back

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SEB SUMR8 months ago

Oh wow!! I'm feeling the carnaval!! Reeeally good bro!!! Hope you're getting back and place the top 20 :D

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The Tunestarters
The Tunestarters8 months ago

Sup Delarosa! We don't do this spamming normally but we need your help to get into the top 50. Could you vote for our track "Full Flavour"? We supported this one!

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DIONESIUM8 months ago

hi there, if anyone wants an extra vote on one of their tracks, read on...

1) Please vote for my latest psytrance track psychedelic lights.
2) Comment below it, letting me know that you have voted and which track of yours i should vote on
3) Wait for a bit, I'll vote back and comment letting you know.

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Freackxy8 months ago

Cuuuba♥ Me gusta mucho y querro dancar. Great remix, friend! I had lots of fun listening. Kisses :*:*:*

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NYKOLUKE8 months ago

Cool Mexico ethic stuff voted! Please listen and vote for my new track ,thanks.

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alpqal8 months ago

Voted !

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Dylan-muirhead8 months ago

Hey nice remix keep it up so you have my vote đź‘Ť

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RULEBREAKERZ8 months ago

cool luvin this given u a vote <3 hope you like r track TASTE OF THE DARKNESS too x

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DawiTSTepâ–¶8 months ago

I LIKED IT ! Also followed to your channel! Please vote for my new track "BOKEN DROP" . Thank you . Have a nice day #voted.

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FLR8 months ago

nice track bro :)

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Koet8 months ago

Hey Delarosa, loooooove the vibe here! got my vote…

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DIONESIUM8 months ago

voted back as promised...

hope to see you at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Synth Fame
Synth Fame8 months ago

Nice song man!

voted please check my last track and if you like it vote

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JULEN LARRA8 months ago

WOOOOOOWWW super original hahah VOTED!!!!!!!! VOTE 4 VOTE? let me know what you think about my new original track, honest feedback is wellcome <3

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Boxidro8 months ago

<wow respect!! i like your stuff!!!so i vote for you!!!good luck and thx for your vote too°°nice grezze Boxidro-

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MOVIOfficial8 months ago

Hey. I hope you can vote for my Remix of Cheat Codes & Daniel Blum - Who's Got Your Love :D
Thank you for the huge support. :)

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Annihilation8 months ago

Wow voted! I just found you and your music is awesome. You put really much work and details in it and that´s what counts in the end of the day. I hope you get what you deserve for the hard work :D I also just brang out my new track "Heavensent" and would be very proud if you could vote back. I wish you luck in the contest!

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