Floating Pads & Jazzy Piano Lines combined with Groovy Congas and Melodic Chords β€’ W I T C H C R A F T β€’ Smooth Chill House


GFE ultra
GFE ultra3 months ago

Hi man!!! your track is really nice to listen at!!! Absolutely love your sound!!
Check me back if you can...thnxxx & good Luck!!!

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Harwok4 months ago

check NEW

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ReyMod.com4 months ago

congratulations, for being among the best!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, you have talent bro I hope you do not forget to listen to my songs

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Dave Baker
Dave Baker4 months ago

cool track! I like!
let's be mutual1
Listen to my new track "everyday!" and vote for it.
good luck1

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CoZi4 months ago

.Great track! Votedd & Supported!!!!!

.Check my latest tracks ''HERO'' and vote if you can ..

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Susomix4 months ago

Great track good work.
Mate i gave you my vote.

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Kozmo4 months ago

Voted! voted.. and thank you for the vote and kind words on my latest track "Midnight"

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DCRPD5 months ago

Voted. Thanks for the support on my latest Sleeve!!!

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Anton Prize Official


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D0PE MUSIC5 months ago

Voted men cool

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Sultanberkaliev5 months ago

Thanks im voted

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Allan Rockwell
Allan Rockwell5 months ago

Nice Track Blonde Koala, I dropped a vote. If you can vote back on my new Track "Allan Rockwell - Selfish Remix" that would help a lot, thx.

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BORG_OFFICIAL5 months ago

Nice chilled track mate 🎢 got my vote

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Ben's de la House
Ben's de la House5 months ago

good track, i love it

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DJ ENRIK5 months ago

Voted! Great track!

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MAHDI5 months ago

Very good , Voted , Give the voted back

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DJ.wilstars5 months ago


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The Tunestarters
The Tunestarters5 months ago

Yooo Blonde Koala (nice name haha)! Before we start our comment, one side note: we hate spamming but we want to break our previous record, which is #39, and we need your help so just that you know.

Here it comes:
Yo man (or men)! Nice track mate, we voted. Could you help us out too to get to the #1 spot? A vote on our new track "Full Flavour" would be highly appreciated!

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RULEBREAKERZ5 months ago

Really nice track and love the name too. u have r vote. hope u like r track taste of the darkness too

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Sambhav Narula
Sambhav Narula5 months ago

Awesome VOTED !!! Can you vote back?

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