Pretty Baby (Max Madd Remix)

Redondo vs. Rockefeller

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D Blisss
D Blisss1 month ago

Cool!!! Voted!
Pls Check my track 'Strangers' and vote if u like it

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Sons Of The Empire

Nice remix MAX MADD,voted. If you could please check out and vote for my new track "Stand Your Ground" I'd greatly appreciate it.

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ALEX701 month ago

voted for you in this contest help me in talent pool ..please check my last track "Make it Rigth" back too..

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MasterLewis1 month ago

Great job great track . If u dont mind can u check it out my last song RedCarpet

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Mckaster1 month ago

Great track man! Voted. Hope to see more from you :).

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Nalpars1 month ago

Voted and supported back!! Good luck on your way

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Eisbombe1 month ago

Cool! Voted!
Thanks for your support!

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SP/\RK1 month ago

good music !!! and thank you for giving my vote back

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EsauDJ1 month ago


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2154543826765341 month ago

nice track max plz also check my version of it..

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Paco Infante
Paco Infante1 month ago

Good track bro!!

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Criss Valens
Criss Valens1 month ago

Hey! Really very good remix! I loved it! Voted! I invite you to listen to my new Pretty Baby remix of round and rockefeller!


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_SALO_1 month ago

WOW! The vibe is simply amazing!!!

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Jobrektho1 month ago

Very good! I voted back cause it's very well done!

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Zawntrex1 month ago

Awesome Max!! I voted!, Good luck!! My Virus is harmless, wait for the Virus 2, ha ha!!

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Koliber1 month ago

Your remix is very nice! i see your profile now, you produce very good ! we can collab :)
I like it! Like this sound, is for my ears! i can play this song in october at ADE 2019 ! :) is very good !
I voted and you have my support!
Go to Vote my last track! ---> (KOLIBER - DREAMCATCHER)
Good luck Producer;)
No matter who comes first, the important thing is to help each other and be humble in this world that surely if we help each other we can have a better future and continue our dreams!

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JACk iRIS2 months ago

je te laisse un like je compte sur toi pour follow back ! et bien joué pour les contest t'a beaucoup de prix

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Lucas Asprengren
Lucas Asprengren2 months ago

Great remix!! voted

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ANYSINO2 months ago

Thanks for your vote on my track, i voted back!!

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D0PE MUSIC2 months ago

cool men voted

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