Pretty Baby (Max Madd Remix)

Redondo vs. Rockefeller

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D Blisss
D Blisss7 months ago

Cool!!! Voted!
Pls Check my track 'Strangers' and vote if u like it

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Sons Of The Empire
Sons Of The Empire7 months ago

Nice remix MAX MADD,voted. If you could please check out and vote for my new track "Stand Your Ground" I'd greatly appreciate it.

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ALEX707 months ago

voted for you in this contest help me in talent pool ..please check my last track "Make it Rigth" back too..

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MasterLewis7 months ago

Great job great track . If u dont mind can u check it out my last song RedCarpet

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Mckaster7 months ago

Great track man! Voted. Hope to see more from you :).

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Nalpars7 months ago

Voted and supported back!! Good luck on your way

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Eisbombe7 months ago

Cool! Voted!
Thanks for your support!

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SP/\RK7 months ago

good music !!! and thank you for giving my vote back

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EsauDJ7 months ago


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Amreet khuntia
Amreet khuntia7 months ago

nice track max plz also check my version of it..

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Paco Infante
Paco Infante7 months ago

Good track bro!!

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Criss Valens
Criss Valens7 months ago

Hey! Really very good remix! I loved it! Voted! I invite you to listen to my new Pretty Baby remix of round and rockefeller!


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_SALO_7 months ago

WOW! The vibe is simply amazing!!!

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Jobrektho7 months ago

Very good! I voted back cause it's very well done!

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Zawntrex7 months ago

Awesome Max!! I voted!, Good luck!! My Virus is harmless, wait for the Virus 2, ha ha!!

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Koliber   ☑️
Koliber ☑️7 months ago

Your remix is very nice! i see your profile now, you produce very good ! we can collab :)
I like it! Like this sound, is for my ears! i can play this song in october at ADE 2019 ! :) is very good !
I voted and you have my support!
Go to Vote my last track! ---> (KOLIBER - DREAMCATCHER)
Good luck Producer;)
No matter who comes first, the important thing is to help each other and be humble in this world that surely if we help each other we can have a better future and continue our dreams!

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JACk iRIS8 months ago

je te laisse un like je compte sur toi pour follow back ! et bien joué pour les contest t'a beaucoup de prix

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Lucas Asprengren
Lucas Asprengren8 months ago

Great remix!! voted

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ANYSINO8 months ago

Thanks for your vote on my track, i voted back!!

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D0PE MUSIC8 months ago

cool men voted

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