Rodrigo Cedillo



xKhaalidd11 months ago

I mean, like this is very great. At it's best. Just so great.

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xKhaalidd11 months ago

I mena, like this is very great. At it's best. Just so great.

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xKhaalidd11 months ago

This is truly deserves a higher rank. Believe me. The dynamics is just so perfectly blended, and the mixing is well done. So great, like really great. VOTED!
Feel free to check on my newest track as well :)

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Mat.Music1 year ago

Hello ! Your track is Amazing ! I love it
Lets Vote my last track ( G T A ) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I Real Love yours !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥b

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HVZELNUT!1 year ago

huh, i loved it rod :D. nice track man voted could u check my new called "RITUAL"? and my previous track if u can
GOODLUCK IN YOUR RANK i hope we will meet in top 10
best regard

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra1 year ago

Love the vibe of your tune!! very catchy!!!
Check me back if you want!! Thnxxx&GoodLuck!!

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KHAmusic1 year ago

Awsome track! Voted! Check out my new song TMRW!

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LO-KOST1 year ago

Nice track ! That’s voted !
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I’m currently number 9 and it would be great if you could help me to go up ! :)

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delarosa1 year ago

Good sounding track. Voted. Please check out my latest track and vote / comment. Thx

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BrotherCharles1 year ago


Your track has my support. Voted! I would be delighted to receive your feedback and/or vote of support for my track: "RHYMING SUNSHINE".

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Tâylör Monröe

Damn😍.. voted.. Hope you vote for my song "Both" too

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DawiT▶1 year ago


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Hibs1 year ago

cool one bro ! vooted !!

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Susomix1 year ago

Great track good work.
Mate i gave you my vote
Good luck in your ranking
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest tracks
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote.
Thank you very much for your support,👍,

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DarkBeast1 year ago

wow sick track man! i liked it! Voted! Please listen and vote to my last track called "Overload". i hope you like it :D

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No Sleep Club
No Sleep Club1 year ago


You make a great music, we love it so much! You got our support!

Can you listen our new SOS remix from Avicii?

We would be very grateful if You can listen it, We are interested in your opinion!

Have a nice day,
The No Sleep Club

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Lusitany1 year ago

Awesome track! 👍👍👍 Cool sound! 👍👍👍 🎹 Fantastic! ❤️
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Good luck!

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Garrick Mackauer

I like your music.
I Vote for your track!)
Vote for my track "Unbroken".

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Ta9-51 year ago

voted !!

I heard your Music "Skyline"

I can not control Reverb well in music.
I will learn from your music.

If you do not mind,
Will you listen and vote to my last track "Moombah Step"?


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