I made this track with some strings for the variation and I find it nice with the sidecain combined with the bass and everything. But you can just listen yourself if you want.


Werna_a1 month ago

I love your work My vote is yours.
I also invite you to listen to my track and earn your vote.

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EzQuew1 month ago

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Mr. Zein
Mr. Zein1 month ago

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Ta9-51 month ago

voted !!

I heard your Music "Infection"

I can not control Reverb well in music.
I will learn from your music.

I want you to go higher.

Score: 1
MusicMind1 month ago

I always do a reverb on anything but the bass and start with full bass, full dry and full wet and then it's just experimenting what sounds good and what not. You should try that too once.

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Sultanberkaliev1 month ago

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BrotherCharles1 month ago

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Star Combiner
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Jackalite1 month ago

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Oliver White1 month ago


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