Recorded live in Montreal in May at CINQUE DE MAYO 2019 Bash


Ta9-59 months ago

voted !!

I heard your Live Mix

I'm researching for clean, solid and powerful sound.
I'll learn a song and listen to your music.

If you do not mind,
Will you listen and vote to my last track "Water Mellon" ?


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Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos9 months ago

......supported you! Check me out also ...cheers!!

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CLEOZIP9 months ago

Nice remix .. Voted.. Check to my track FIGHT.. hope you can vote it back

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Koliber   ☑️
Koliber ☑️9 months ago

Hi, your track is very beautiful! I like the style you have, keep producing as much as you can!
You could be the next emerging star! If I don't ask you much, go and vote for my last track! ---> "KOLIBER - DREAMCATCHER"
Good luck IMNO
When you want contact me in Instagram ---> @koliber_music

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PXZEL9 months ago

yo imno, this vibe is fire man, love those feels, that rhythm is tight too, great work, keep it up man, i like this style for yah, def in the zone - leaving you a vote, you deserve it! If you got a sec, check out my new track, its a retro/8-bit style dance mix “LDTS”, let me know what you think !

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musicbyeleys9 months ago

GREAT TRACK!! JUST VOTED AND I’M FOLLOWING YOU (you can check I actually have!) and if you could take the time to check out my track ‘On Fire’ and give it a vote too that would be great!!!!!!!

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ReyMod.com9 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Very Nice :) You've got my vote!, pls vote for my last song and please follow me in soundcloud and so, we will be in contact good luck!

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