Pretty Baby - Electro House Remix

Redondo vs. Rockefeller

Electro House taste remix. Please enjoy it and vote me!


MD3SIGN10 months ago

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Reprobeater10 months ago

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One&Equalofficial10 months ago

This is a real comment, Really awesome
Keep up the good work :D
Well Deserved!

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Sons Of The Empire
Sons Of The Empire10 months ago

Thank you for your support and Good luck ELC

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Sons Of The Empire
Sons Of The Empire10 months ago

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Harwok10 months ago

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JSTM10 months ago

Cool! Good track! Voted back!

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Tom VerXon
Tom VerXon10 months ago

Cool drop

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ALEX7010 months ago

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Picolin10 months ago

Very Good , Voted

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NightOwl Records
NightOwl Records11 months ago

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Alex Helder
Alex Helder11 months ago

good voted!

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Clyotix11 months ago

Nice one, voted :)

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LUME_11 months ago

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DaCrazyFish11 months ago


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Susomix11 months ago

Great remix good work.
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Natalee Borisenko
Natalee Borisenko11 months ago

WOW!!!!! That's AMAZING! Cool, cool and hundred times cool track!

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra11 months ago

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra11 months ago

Super cool remix Too!!
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Kushal11 months ago

Absolutely Love your track, great chords!
Voted for sure!
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