Raise Me (Deejay Will.i & Nobody Else Remix)

Wainscott, John Steel & Ian Campbell

Deejay Will.i & Nobody Else's remix of a deep house track of mine and John Steel's with vocals by Ian Campbell. Released on Bloxbox Records. The four other mixes of this track (including the original song) are available on my Soundcloud profile.


Lello_Oliver1 year ago

Hello, brow

Can I count on your vote?
Your will be guaranteed with me.


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Wainscott1 year ago

Well no, didn't you read my comment? I'll vote for tracks which I like and think are up to standard. I'm not gonna be fake over voting.

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DJ Themi
DJ Themi1 year ago

YESS!! Love your remix. Love the vibe and the production is great! Keep up the great work. I voted for you! Please VOTE back for my track "Love's Got A Hold Of Me" if you like it.

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djnickdhillon1 year ago

Hi, I'm Nick Dhillon from Malaysia... I like your track. You have my vote. Do you mind voting for me too? and please do follow me on Soundcloud.
As we can always connect together and support each other. Have a good day!!

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Elc1 year ago

Deep bass sound is really nice! I like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to Electro House taste remix track "Pretty Baby".

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Y A Y A1 year ago

|| | Hey, how are you? Nice track. I voted... :) Feel free to listen my song - KEEP BREATHING - Thanks. |

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Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Blvd1 year ago

Voted for you WAINSCOTT

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NYKOLUKE1 year ago

Dope remix voted! Please listen and vote for my new track ,thanks.

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NCX-3201 year ago

New music ! New generation sounds ! +

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Wainscott1 year ago

Thanks :)

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Matt Dore
Matt Dore1 year ago

Good job!
Please Check & Vote For My New Track " Breaktrough "
Thanks .

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PXZEL1 year ago

yo wainscott, this vibe is fire man, love those feels, that rhythm is tight too, great work, keep it up man, i like this style for yah, def in the zone - leaving you a vote, you deserve it! If you got a sec, check out my new track, its a retro/8-bit style dance mix “LDTS”, let me know what you think !

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Ta9-51 year ago

Voted !!

I heard your Music "Raise Me"

I'm researching for clean, solid and powerful sound.
I'll learn a song and listen to your music.

If you do not mind,
Will you listen and vote to my last track "Water Mellon" ?


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musicbyeleys1 year ago

GREAT TRACK!! JUST VOTED AND I’M FOLLOWING YOU (you can check I actually have!) and if you could take the time to check out my track ‘On Fire’ and give it a vote too that would be great!!!!!!

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Reprobeater1 year ago

Hey bro, this got my vote!
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Lusitany1 year ago

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Ez Quew
Ez Quew1 year ago

Voted, great track! Maybe you could check out my latest track Juicy Lemon? :)))

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Asvulation1 year ago

love your track! i love those deep house tracks!!
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AWSM11 year ago

nice track, vote

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Wainscott1 year ago

I didn't know you was from Argentina, you've never mentioned that before!!!

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Inverios1 year ago

Wow, very cool sound and idea!!! Atmosphere is perfect!!!
Like it and voted!!!
If You have time please listen my track and if You like it vote for it)))
Good luck and have a nice day!!!!

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