Release (Wainscott Remix)

Toti LWR feat. Eva K

This is my classic deep house take on this soulful vocal house track that was released last year (no pun intended) on all major download and streaming platforms.


siddaaxx9 months ago

hi friend just liked ur track very amazing can u plz give ur review on my latest track spaceman remix...

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Harwok10 months ago

check new FIRE LOVE

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AFSHINAM10 months ago

Awesome Remix here!
Full Support & Voted!
If you can please vote back to our track (For You) and comment your opinion about the track for us :)), it would be awesome!
Thank you so much!!!!

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MD3SIGN10 months ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "MISEะฏY"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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NoNameMen10 months ago

This is a really nice remix Paul. I checked some of your tracks out, and if you were born in the 1980's you would be one of the huge artist of that time!

Liked and supported!

Good luck in the future man

If you don't mind, feel free to check out my track and hit me up with a like and some feedback. If you are in need of a graphic designer, contact me on IG or SC, i do artworks for cheap!

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Andrewq10 months ago

I love your work My vote is yours.
I also invite you to listen to my track and earn your vote. 2

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Phil Devon
Phil Devon10 months ago

Nice song man! I like it!! I voted : ) Check out my version of Oceans Away! It's a super chill remix :)

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra10 months ago

Every time I look into your eyes.....pretty cool track!! great pad at 1:30. Very good!!
Voted of course!!

I would like to have one of your without concession feedback on my latest track,Night Train!!! Thnxxx & Bravo for your work!!!

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Harwok10 months ago

thanks for comment

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Zajdel10 months ago

Cool track! Checkout my new remix โ€œAnywhere That You Wanna Go (Zajdel Remix)โ€ Cheers!

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Sons Of The Empire
Sons Of The Empire10 months ago

Nice remix WAINSCOTT,voted. If you could please check out and vote for my new track "Stand Your Ground" I'd greatly appreciate it.

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iWip10 months ago

Yo very cool track Wainscott, love it :D
Just maybe add a few more panned percussions, so that i has a littel more detail in it.
Gives the enitre track a nice stereo image and makes it sound a little bit more professional. Aside from that: good job!

BUT: I also just dropped a new track - called ARE YOU - and would mean a lot if you could also vote for it and leave a comment :)
And if you want to have more feeback, you can follow me on soundcloud and we can have a chat!

All the best,

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Wainscott10 months ago

What utter bollocks!!! I've just seen you post exactly the same comment three times (so far) elsewhere! Besides, this already has panned percussion in it, so that makes no sense!

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Garny10 months ago

Hey WainScott! I really like this song- liked! I just posted a track called Break the Rules if you could check it out. I'm only 17 and looking for feedback. Thanks :)

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Clyotix10 months ago

Hey there! Nice track, voted! You can also check my new song ''Energy'' and vote back, i would appreciate that a lot! Thank you and good luck in ranks! :O

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Lusitany10 months ago

Awesome track! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Cool sound! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŽน Fantastic!ย 
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Matt Dore
Matt Dore10 months ago

Good job!
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Thanks .

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Reprobeater10 months ago

Hey bro, this got my vote!
I will also appreciate if you would vote back on my track "Holy Moly", lets support ourselves to the top :)))))

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WOWLAND Records10 months ago

Great work here. Love it! :)
We are a record label and artist management company.
We would love to work with you and we could release your music. Visit our website (link on our profile) and send us your demo.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

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ReyMod.com10 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod from Argentina, Great job man! you have my support!, pls vote for my last track jobs!!! and please follow me in twitter @reymod77 and so, we will be in contact

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DJ Remy Star
DJ Remy Star10 months ago

AWESOME! Vote for my remix of "Pretty Baby", thx !!

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