NYKOLUKE29 days ago

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Shrivera1 month ago

Great. Voted! Can u vote back for my remix of "Strangers"? Thanks in advance

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Omar Saif
Omar Saif1 month ago

Wow , what a nice track<3<3
love your track that sound pretty good dude
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MD3SIGN1 month ago

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AayZee1 month ago

Great track ! Loved the overall feel of the track !
Voted for sure :) !
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Animated Boys
Animated Boys1 month ago

Heeeey SWORRA!
Awesome Track here!
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If you can please vote back to our track (For You) and comment your opinion about the track for us :)) , it would be awesome!
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Stayer.1 month ago

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Ta9-51 month ago

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YA-YA1 month ago

Hey SWORRA, good track. I voted. pls check my song KEEP BREATHING. THX

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SUNSY1 month ago

Heyyy dude!!!!
I just listen your track , that a really good job man you know ?
i give you my vote for the talent pool
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thank you bro and good luck

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VIER1 month ago

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Matt Dore
Matt Dore1 month ago

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CRPL3D1 month ago

sick track man feelin this one!...voted and supported...can you gimme a vote back on my remix of hayden james "no where to go" thanksn

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Kasper B.
Kasper B.1 month ago

Hi ! I won't lie, I'm here to give You a vote and asking You about vote back xD

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Garny1 month ago

Hey Sworra! I really like this song- liked! I just posted a track called Break the Rules if you could check it out. I'm only 17 and looking for feedback. Thanks :)

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