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JeezBrah3 months ago

This track is dope brother! This thing goes forward. Could imagine raving on a festival to it 🕺🏼
You have my vote!
I would love to get some feedback on my latest EDM track. I think you might gonna like it!
If you do, please leave a vote 🙏🏼🎧 #werisetogether

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rayZed3 months ago

Good Track here!
Full Support & Voted
If you can please vote back to our track (Fear) and comment your opinion about the track for us :)) , it would be awesome!
Thank you so much:)

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EferJet3 months ago

There is a music which can be listen over and over again, I think this is one of them!
So really nice work - you got my vote :)
Keep it up, man!
If you got a sec, check out my new track "Be Alright", let me know what you think!

Leaving you a vote!
Good luck, I hope to hear more of you!

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Boxidro3 months ago

<c<yeah!! nice !! i like it !! voted!! you have my support! it will be great ive you vote and support me too!!nice grezze and good luck!!BOXIDRO

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JACk iRIS3 months ago

follow you and voted for all of your future track . follow back , let's help together bro is it so simple!🏓🎰 GO TO THE TOP

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Andrewq3 months ago

I love your work My vote is yours.
I also invite you to listen to my track and earn your vote.6

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Potenza3 months ago

Hey what a good track, I vote for you!!!!! Also vote back on my last track The Weekend!!! Thank you and I hope your support leaves a message and I will follow you on SoundCloud

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SantrixDiaz3 months ago

Voted, please vote back

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H.A.R.D.I.E.3 months ago

Hi, how are you?
I have heard your track and you are very good,
you have my vote, your style is sensational, good luck brother,
you deserve to be on this label,
I would be very grateful if you would listen and vote for my Bounce track,
thank you

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DawiTSTep3 months ago

great Electro music . #VOTE4VOTE-*/

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MOUNT EVRST3 months ago

Good Work! Awesome Track!...I voted for you.
It would be nice if you could do the same and vote back on my Track “Paranox - Bari Barsi (Mount Evrst Remix)”.
Good luck...

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HVZELNUT!3 months ago

sick track. i liked the progress of your track, voted buddy
could u check my "NEXT LEVEL" ?
thanks and goodluck,,,

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EINNOSZ3 months ago

voted broh, good work pls check mine too :D
good luck in chart

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Elio Deejay
Elio Deejay3 months ago

please vote my track 'dream'

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Wulucci3 months ago

great song man, give my new song "Moonlight" a listen.

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DJ DEN3 months ago


Great Job!!! Cool sounds! Well done! I'm VOTED for you!
Please bro, VOTE for my new EP: DJ DEN - The Unknown!
Thank you so much for the support!

Follow me on SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram (If you have not already done this)
Check out to my YouTube channel.

We are one Big Musical Family!

See you,

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD3 months ago

Nice work friend, you got a vote from me!

I would love if you sould check out my latest single "Chemical Attraction." This song falls on the progressive end of tech house and is sure to become a dance floor favorite!

Would love a follow on Soundcloud as well. And I'm always looking for remixers for any of my songs. HMU on Soundcloud if interested!

Thanks for listening ----- J-Rob MD

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DawiTSTep3 months ago

I LIKED IT ! Also followed to your channel! Please vote for my new track
"Davit - My Little Desert The MOON" . Thank you . Have a nice day #voted.....

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Clyde Urban
Clyde Urban3 months ago

Congrats on the first place man! I already voted and supported, hope Spinnin' signs you!
If you have a moment, i would appreciate if you could check out my track 'Connection', leave a like and hit me up with some feedback as it would mean a lot, thanks and good luck in the ranks!

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bennybofficial3 months ago

Hi! Nice track, voted! If you have time check my remix from Remind Me to Forget by Kygo, and vote! Have a good day! :)

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