We all win no matter what :)


BenceSudar6 months ago

Great remix!!! :) Voted! Could you please vote back for my latest track "Freedom"? Let's help each other out! I voted for real, I just ask you to do it so! Good luck with the contest!!!

Score: 1
Andrewq6 months ago

I love your work My vote is yours.
I also invite you to listen to my track and earn your vote. 5

Score: 1
DJ Gaspard Olivier
DJ Gaspard Olivier6 months ago


Score: 1
Ege Dumankaya
Ege Dumankaya6 months ago

Hey man, this track is awesome, VOTED! Please check out my new track Hunter and VOTE only if you enjoy! Great track again keep up the good work!!Z

Score: 1
Bernardo.6 months ago

nice remix, you got my vote bro!

Score: 1
PINGUN6 months ago

nice idea ! , voted back. thanks boyz)

Score: 1
delarosa6 months ago

Nice remix, voted back. Thanks.

Score: 1
Harwok6 months ago

check new track

Score: 1
2sxmmer6 months ago

Very nice build-ups but the marimba sound of the refrain is not my style, nevertheless good work!

Score: 1
GFE ultra
GFE ultra6 months ago

Hi Kasper!! Not a lie too...your remix sounds very well!! Good job!

Would you check my "Night Train"?? would be nice...Thnks & Best wishes

Score: 1
MD3SIGN6 months ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "MISEЯY"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

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D Blisss
D Blisss6 months ago

Amazing! voted.

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Bleux6 months ago

cool !voted !

Score: 1
D.MUSIC6 months ago

Really nice track.
I Voted!
Would be awesome if you do the same and vote for my new track: " My Live".

Dont forget to leave a comment if you vote back.

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Good luck

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XSerDJ6 months ago

Minimalistic with some wobbles, nice, voted!

Score: 1
xKhaalidd6 months ago

Your track's arpegio is perfectly fit to the vocal groove, and it's just sounds great. Very well done bro! VOTED INDEED !
Feel free to check on my newest track as well :)

Score: 1
sagethacat6 months ago

Great track,!

Score: 1
Vaan Alen
Vaan Alen6 months ago

Good vibes bro loved the track don't mind to check my track too...

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